The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1024

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1024 What Kind of Trash

Before Isaac could finish, Clayton’s hand swung over coldly, punching the right side of Isaac’s face.

Isaac’s words were really filthy.

Clayton’s eyes were sunken cold as he stood up. He brushed his hands with great disdain.

Isaac was hit to the side. This time, he really had no more strength to speak.

Every pore of his body hurt as he bled.

“It’s not your place to give directions to my woman. Isaac, I know exactly what kind of trash you are. If you lay a finger on my son, I’ll make you pay with your life!”

Clayton spoke fiercely and turned around to open the door.

He saw Nicole as soon as he raised his eyes.

Clayton pursed his lips and turned to the bodyguards standing to the side.

“Take him away.”

Isaac would not have a good time until they found Lil Michael.

The bodyguard nodded and immediately went inside with the others before coming back out, carrying Isaac out like a d**d pig.

Isaac’s bodyguards were completely dominated and did not have the chance to resist. They could only watch as Isaac was taken away.

Clayton walked over to Nicole and paused. His gaze was softer than before.

His voice also softened. “Let’s go back.“

He saw the hem of her skirt under her coat and knew that she had run out from the party. She probably did not even have the time to change her clothes.

Nicole paused and spoke with a clean and clear voice. “Clayton, did you never intend to tell me your


Clayton wanted to wait for the right time, but when was the right time?

Her intuition told her that if the conditions permitted, Clayton would be willing to keep it secret for the rest of his life.

Nicole could vaguely hear some of the movements inside while she stood outside.

However, as time passed, she suddenly felt tired. It was a feeling of exhaustion that came from the heart.

It was like the first time she met Clayton.

He was warm and modest in front of her, and when he looked at her, it was like she was the only one he could see.

However, she saw a different Clayton tonight. It was a side that was hiddenly extremely deeply. He shut her out.

It seemed like she could never touch his secret. This feeling made her feel horrible.

She looked up at him. Her eyes were clear and beautiful.

“I’ll do everything I can to help you find Lil Michael, but our relationship needs to cool down a little.“

Nicole could not always be one-sidedly understanding of the man’s incomprehensible behavior.

Although she believed in Clayton ‘s character, it did not mean that this relationship was eternal, especially since she suffered once before.

Since Nicole could not walk into his heart, she would not even try.

She finished speaking, smiled, and turned to leave.

The moment Clayton heard her words, the emotions in his eyes raged and he fiercely reached out to tug her hand.

“What do you mean by that?“

There was a tremble and hoarseness in his voice.

If she suspected him, she would not have come over to help. She would not have called him countless times.

Why did it suddenly turn out like this?

Clayton just had not had the time to explain it to her yet.

Nicole forced a smile. “It’s more important to find Lil Michael first. You go on and ask Isaac while I ask other people.”

Her voice paused slightly. She could not bear to look Clayton in the eyes again and turned around to withdraw her hand.

However, Clayton did not want to let her leave like that.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down. He could not let his loss of composure scare her.

Clayton held her hand tightly and pursed his lips. “ Let’s go together.”

Then, he pulled her as he walked in front. Nicole frowned, unable to break free.

She stared at his back and wondered when Clayton became so domineering and unreasonable.


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