The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1012

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1012 Tranquil Apprehension

Floyd was not in the mood to stand up and bid farewell to Isaac pleasantly. He sat there. His eyes were deep in thought, but no one knew what he was thinking about.

Eric looked at him with a sullen and cold face.

“Chairman Stanton, I asked Isaac to come over and tell you everything for Nicole’s sake. As far as I know, Clayton used his power to wipe out his past. It can’t be investigated even if you tried…“

Floyd raised his eyes and looked at Eric. His voice was rough.

“Thank you, Mr. Ferguson, but today is a special day, so I can’t stay here for long since I still have to greet the guests. You should go out too…“

Eric’s face sank. Floyd’s reaction was a little too calm. It was not quite right.

He could feel it, but he could not say it.

However, Eric quickly withdrew his gaze and nodded while standing up.


Floyd sat in the lounge for a long while before he slowly stood up and walked out. It was hard to tell from his face, but he was forcing himself to act normally.

Isaac’s words could not be trusted, but he could not take them for lies either.

In the end, what was the truth? Why did Clayton want to hide his past?

All these were like thorns in Floyd’s heart.

Nicole might not care, but as a father, he had to care!

Almost everyone outside was present, and Nicole and Clayton were basically inseparable.

However, no one suspected their relationship. After all, they looked like the most professional people there were, so how could they have personal feelings?

After a round of toasts, Nicole was really tired.

She put down her glass and went to the rest area where people came and went. Although her high heels were very stable, they still made people watch with trepidation.

When she stepped on her dress for the third time, Clayton finally could not resist leaning over to pick up the hem of her dress and block the people who were bumping into her.

Nicole subconsciously looked back. Clayton ‘s handsome face was right in front of her as he carefully held her skirt. There was a slight frown on his face as if he was very helpless.

Nicole’s heart moved slightly as a warm current surged inside her.

She smiled and looked back without saying anything. The venue was large, and the rest area was on the other side.

When she arrived with Clayton, Aida was there joking with her friends.

They quickly greeted Nicole and told her to sit down when they saw her.

Aida poured her a glass of juice and smiled gently. “You must be tired. I saw those people go to you after they failed to pester your big brother, so I knew that you’d be the busiest person out there!“

Nicole laughed. “Isn’t it because you were protecting my big brother? How else would they come looking for me?“

Aida bowed her head and smiled shyly, but then leaned over mysteriously.

“That has nothing to do with me. I heard that your brother told them to go to you…“

Nicole was stunned. ‘Is Grant really my brother?’

Clayton put down Nicole’s skirt, looked around, and patted her shoulder.

“Nicole, rest here for a moment. I’ll go look for Michael.“

Lil Michael ran away as soon as they entered and disappeared. He wondered where the boy went to play.

Nicole nodded. “Bring him over. It’s livelier here.“

Clayton nodded with a smile and then politely greeted the others. “You ladies carry on…“

As soon as he left, the eyes of a youthful girl opposite Nicole began to shine.

”Mr. Sloan looks better in person than in pictures. Ms. Stanton, are you two really not dating?”


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