The Charismatic by Charlie Wade Chapter 89

Read The Charismatic [by Charlie Wade] Chapter 89 – Liu Yuesheng didn’t expect that admitting his mistake would not work, Charlie still didn’t plan to let him go!

The whole person he frightened fell into a coma.

However, Abiao’s steel rod made him awakened by severe pain in an instant!


Liu Yue has lived for most of her life. When did she suffer such a crime?

He was always in tears, crying desperately: “Mr. Charlie, I really know that I was wrong. From now on I will strictly discipline this unfilial girl, and I will never let her do this kind of hurtful things.”

Charlie said disdainfully: “You are quite shirk of responsibility!”

In a word, Liu Yuesheng trembled instantly!

Charlie sternly asked: “Liu, I ask you! My brother invested 100,000 Dollar in your hotel, why didn’t you refund it? Why did you say

that my brother honored you?”

Liu Yuesheng’s face was pale and hurriedly said, “I was wrong, I was wrong! I was greedy and shameless, I really knew I was wrong!”

After he finished speaking, he looked at Darren White who was angry on the bed, and blurted out and pleaded: “Dokun, it’s me who has lost my mind. Don’t worry, I will pay you back this 100,000 Dollar with interest, please follow me. Mr. Charlie said pity, this old bone of mine really can’t stand the tossing.”

Charlie looked at Darren White and asked, “Are you going to intercede for him?”

Darren White shook his head resolutely, and blurted out: “No! I won’t intercede for any of them!”

“Okay!” Charlie nodded in satisfaction: “You are still a man!”

After finishing speaking, he turned his head

to Liu Yuesheng, who was desperate, and said, “Not only do you have no way to teach your son, you are also disrespectful, and you are

trying to invade all my brother’s savings over the past few years. What is the difference

between you and Ming Qiang?”

Liu Yuesheng shivered in fright, crying and wailing: “Mr. Charlie, I’m a b*****d! I’m not a human! I’m damned! You forgive me, forgive me, I beg you, I’ll be a c*w and a horse for you in the future. From now on I will call you Grandpa, Grandpa Wade, please forgive me!”

Charlie sneered and said, “Spare you? It seems that although you are ugly, you think beautifully!”

After all, he said to Abiao: “Take his right hand to me! I think he will dare not snatch other people’s things in the future!”

Liu Yuesheng cried in despair: “No, Mr. Charlie, no.”

A Biao simply smashed hard “Ah, my hand, my hand”

Charlie said to Abiao, “Got his mouth and pull it aside!”

“it is good!”

A Biao immediately blocked his mouth and threw him together with Brother Seven.

Liu Lili was so scared that she was going crazy.

Zhao D**g is the same.

The same goes for Zhao D**g’s father, Zhao Haifeng!

He looked at Zhao D**g, slapped angrily, and cursed: “Dog b*****d! Who made you mess around outside! You are going to k**l me!”

Charlie looked at Zhao Haifeng with a smile, and asked, “What? Your son got together with

my brother’s fiancée and gave my brother a

cuckold. Don’t you know how to be a father?”

Zhao Haifeng cried with fright. He didn’t know how to answer.

Because just now Liu Yuesheng’s lessons for the past are there.

If you say you know, your right leg will be broken; If you don’t know, your left leg will be broken