The Charismatic by Charlie Wade Chapter 79

Read The Charismatic [by Charlie Wade] Chapter 79 – Charlie was overjoyed, and immediately prepared to stuff the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures into his arms.

As a result, the book immediately turned into powder and disappeared.

However, every word in the book was clearly printed in Charlie’s brain.

At this time, Lao Jonesren who ran away was brutally escorted back by several big and three rough men.

Seeing the redness and swelling on both sides of his face, it seems that it was a grab for a gasp!

Looking at his embarrassed appearance, Charlie just wanted to laugh.

This old guy, it is outrageous to want to throw the pot to himself after getting into trouble! Letting him take a lesson is a punishment.

The Old Master, Jacob, was particularly embarrassed at this time. He ran desperately just now and was exhausted.

But he didn’t have a car key either. He was old and fat, and couldn’t run fast. How could these young people compete.

So after a few meetings, he was caught, tied back, and slapped several times. It was really miserable to get home.

Several people caught Jacob back, and manager Zhou Liangyun gritted his teeth and said: “Old thing, you want to run if you smashed our bottle? You don’t want to ask about the background of our Ji Qingtang!”

The Old Master in h****r said, “I didn’t mean it, it’s because this bottle is too slippery.”

Zhou Liangyun said coldly: “Stop talking nonsense with me! I will give you an afternoon to raise money. If you can’t afford it, I will report and warn you of deliberately damaging other people’s property. The case value of more than five million Dollar is enough for you to sit in p****n. Now!”

Jacob trembled in fright. He looked at Charlie as if he saw a life-saving straw: “Charlie, my good son-in-law! You can’t d*e without saving!”

Charlie said helplessly: “Dad, I don’t have that much money either!”

Jacob hurriedly blurted out: “Then you will go to j**l instead of me! My Willson family has

supported you for so long, and it’s time for you to repay you!”

Charlie thought to himself, why do you have the face to say such things?

Just as he was about to refuse, the middle- aged man took the lead and said: “If you are wronged, you have a debtor, our Jiqingtang is the most trustworthy business. You broke the bottle and you have to pay for it!”

After all, he said to Charlie: “You can go, but it’s best to help him raise enough money, otherwise, after this afternoon, I will send him to the police station!”

Charlie nodded lightly.

Jacob was frightened and cried and said,

“Good son-in-law, you can’t go! What should I do if you leave!”

Charlie couldn’t help being amused when he saw him so frightened.

But of course you can’t laugh on the face.

He was trying to find an excuse to raise money to leave, and let the Old Master stay here to suffer.

But it suddenly occurred to him that there was an ancient method of repairing porcelain artifacts in the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing just now, so he thought, “Manager Zhou, if I can repair

that jade pot spring bottle, can you let it My husband left?”

Zhou Liangyun sneered and said, “Who do you think you are, and you need to restore the antiques. To tell you the truth, I have sent the photos to the Aurous Hill cultural relic appraisal experts. “

Charlie shook his head and said: “Your bottle is broken anyway, it’s useless to keep it, I will try it without losing anything.”

Zhou Liangyun sneered disdainfully, and said, “Okay, you won’t d*e until the Yellow River,

right? Okay! I want to see what you can do!”

Charlie said, “Prepare me a piece of rice paper, a brush, and five eggs. The eggs will be raw.”

Zhou Liangyun waited to see what kind of joke Charlie would make, and without hesitation, he quickly found a basket of raw eggs for Charlie.

But he still couldn’t help but ridiculed: “Use eggs to repair cultural relics. I have never seen such a method. I warn you, don’t play tricks. Either you pay compensation or we take your father-in-law to court. Five million is enough for your father-in-law to sit in p****n for a lifetime.”