The Charismatic by Charlie Wade Chapter 71

Read The Charismatic [by Charlie Wade] Chapter 71 – Through the hazy frosted crystal glass, the whole Aurous Hill saw this extremely grand wedding.

While countless people are extremely envious, they are also guessing in their hearts, who is the couple who married in the sky garden?

Moreover, these two people are too mysterious. Their wedding was attended by only the two of them, not even a relative or friend, not even a witness!

On the crystal stage, Charlie took Claire’s hand and pulled out the jade necklace that was already prepared.

“Claire, this is my wedding anniversary gift for you, I hope you like it!”

Claire looked at the crystal-clear jade necklace and exclaimed: “This one shouldn’t be the

treasure of Cui Xuan Pavilion’s shop? Charlie, where did you get it?”

When talking, Claire was shocked.

Could it be that Charlie is the g*d-level rich man in the video?

Otherwise, how could this jade necklace be in his hand?


But this is not scientific!

Who is Charlie, he couldn’t know better, how could he be a g*d-level rich man?

He is completely indifferent to the word rich!

Charlie saw Claire’s surprise at this time, and he had an urge in his heart to tell her her true identity and tell her that he was the descendant of Yenching Wade family and the heir of trillions of wealth.

However, the next moment, he suddenly thought of a very serious matter.

What’s the situation of Wade family now, I don’t know it!

In my impression, I met my uncle and uncle when I was young, that is to say, the previous generation of the entire Wade family was not the only one with Dad.

Since there is more than one dad, those uncles and uncles of my own may also have heirs. These people will inevitably regard themselves as a thorn in the eye and a thorn in the flesh.

If he rashly announces his identity before he knows everything and does not have enough ability to protect himself and Claire, then I am afraid that Claire will be k****d!

The methods used by the rich to fight for

property are very cruel. He really doesn’t want his beloved wife because he takes risks.

Thinking of this, he deliberately lied: “This necklace looks exactly like the treasure of Cui Xuan Pavilion’s town shop, but it is something I paid to find someone to imitate. Although it also uses good jade materials, it is similar to Cui Pavilion. Xuan is still far behind, and it

cost tens of thousands of dollars in total.”

With that said, Charlie asked Claire nervously again: “Claire, don’t you dislike it?”

Claire was relieved!

This is much more reasonable.

So she hurriedly smiled and said: “Fool, how can I dislike it! You have done so much, and it is too late for me to be moved!”

Charlie also breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly put the jade necklace on for Claire himself.

He looked at Claire with sincere eyes, and said emotionally: “Claire, marrying me for the past three years has caused you a lot of

wrongs, but starting from today, I can assure you that no one can bully you anymore. you!”

Claire nodded emotionally. At this moment, she realized that her husband was finally going to raise her head and be a man!

At the end of the wedding, Charlie took Claire away quietly from the exclusive elevator in the sky garden.

Countless people onlookers on the scene felt a sense of loss.

Is the hero and heroine gone?
The two of them ran over and mysteriously fed the world a handful of dog food, and then ran away?