The Charismatic by Charlie Wade Chapter 69

Read The Charismatic by Charlie Wade Chapter 69 – Zheng Hao’s face was very ugly, extremely blue.

At this moment, he finally felt what it was like to have a prairie on his head!

When he couldn’t bear it, he smoked Zhao Liqing countless big mouths like crazy, and cursed: “You stinky framer, you have been lying to me! Give me a cuckold, and I’ll k**l you! I’ll k**l you. !”

Zhao Liqing screamed when she was beaten, her hair scattered, and she broke down and cried.

Zheng Hao beat him and cursed: “Divorce! You clean up Mr.! Otherwise Mr. will find someone to k**l Shen Jiang, your parents and your brother!”

Zhao Liqing completely collapsed!

I tried everything I could to marry into the Zheng family. I wanted to be a grandmother for a lifetime, but today, my dream is completely broken!

All this is because of Charlie!

She hated Charlie so much, but Charlie smiled contemptuously at this time and said to Claire: “Wife, let them bite the dog, let’s go.”

After speaking, he took Claire’s hand and walked to the elevator.

Claire’s beautiful eyes trembled, and he was shocked and couldn’t believe it. Where did Charlie know so much about Zhao Liqing’s dark history?

Thinking of this, her gaze couldn’t help but look at Charlie, and she couldn’t believe it and asked, “You made those things checked?”

“How is it possible, where do I have this ability?” Charlie said haha, “A classmate was badly injured by Zhao Liqing before. He has been digging for Zhao Liqing’s black material,

but he didn’t expect it to come in handy now.”

With that said, Charlie has taken her into the elevator.

As soon as he entered the elevator, Charlie pressed the button on the top floor. Claire hurriedly asked: “Charlie, did you press the

wrong floor? Isn’t the top floor a sky garden?”

Charlie smiled slightly: “My wife, what we are going to now is the sky garden at the top!”

As soon as these words came out, Claire was struck by lightning!

Sky garden? how can that be? !

In the entire Aurous Hill, everyone knows that the sky garden tonight has obviously been covered by a mysterious man?

Even if Charlie has great abilities, it is impossible to book a place in the sky garden to celebrate each other’s third wedding anniversary!

But the next moment, a bold idea suddenly appeared in Claire’s heart: Could it be that Charlie was the mysterious man who covered the entire sky garden? !

Although this is like a fantasy, but at this moment, besides this explanation, are there other possibilities?

Thinking of this, Claire couldn’t help asking: “Charlie, did you contract the Hanging


Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Yes, I want to give you the biggest surprise today! I will provide you with a flourishing wedding that no one can copy!”


Claire felt that his brain was short-circuited!

If this is really a big surprise Charlie prepared for himself.

So, isn’t she the happiest woman in Aurous Hill tonight?
Thinking of this, Claire’s breathing became hurried, and he almost lost the ability to think.