The Charismatic by Charlie Wade Chapter 66

Read The Charismatic by Charlie Wade Chapter 66 – Claire’s expression suddenly became weird. Where is the restaurant that Charlie ordered tonight?

She subconsciously asked: “Aren’t you lying to me?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Of course not!”

After speaking, Charlie explained: “A few days ago, I booked a place here. If you don’t

believe it, let’s go in and check the information.”

Claire shook his head. After three years of marriage, Charlie never lied to herself, let alone on such an important day as today. Then she said, “No, I believe you.”

After that, she asked: “You shouldn’t have

reserved a seat in the sky garden, right? Isn’t there a big person chartered there today?”

Charlie hurriedly said, “I decided to be next to the Hanging Garden. It happens to be able to see the inside of the Hanging Garden. Then we can also take a look. Who on earth is it

that has covered it? What do you think?”

Claire smiled and said, “I’m not as gossip as you!”

Afterwards, the two walked into the Shangri- La Hotel.

When they were about to go upstairs, a woman’s exclamation suddenly rang in their ears: “Oh, Claire, why are you here?!”

Claire raised his head and saw a pair of young men and women walking towards him.

The man wore a luxurious suit, and he knew it was a wealthy young master from a certain family at a glance, while the woman was covered in famous brands with beautiful makeup, but the brows and eyes were full of arrogant colors, and the dress was a bit kitsch and dancing. posture.

This woman, Claire, knew her, Zhao Liqing, her roommate when she was in college.

Although Zhao Liqing and Claire are in the same dormitory, they are not classmates.

Although they were sleeping together, the relationship between Claire and Zhao Liqing was very ordinary.

This is mainly because Zhao Liqing pretends to be high-minded and is very jealous.

She has always felt that Claire is not worthy of the name Colonel’s flower, and the real school flower should be her.

But the actual situation is that she is much worse than Claire in terms of appearance, build, momentum or connotation.

However, this woman has an advantage. She is especially good at hooking up with men. It is said that she has hooked up with a lot of rich people before. All the expenses for four years of college are given by those men.

Claire frowned, but seeing everyone in the class, when the two approached, she could only bite the bullet and said politely: “Li Qing, long time no see. My husband and I came here for dinner, you What?”

Zhao Liqing said in surprise: “Ah, that’s a coincidence. My husband and I are here for dinner too!”

After that, she asked again pretendingly and curiously: “By the way, which position did you book, ordinary box, premium box, or luxury


Claire was confused about Charlie’s arrangement, and could only reply truthfully: “I don’t know this. My husband ordered the location.”

At this time, Zhao Liqing noticed the existence of Charlie, covered her mouth and smiled, and said, “Oh, this is your husband

Charlie, right? He was a very famous soft rice king at school back then!”

The sneer hidden between the words is particularly harsh.

Claire looked embarrassed.

Zhao Liqing came back to her senses and

hurriedly said apologetically: “Oh, sorry, sorry, blame me for being outspoken, you don’t

mind at first.” Charlie frowned slightly, this Zhao Liqing, it seems that the person who came is not good!