The Charismatic by Charlie Wade Chapter 60

Read The Charismatic [by Charlie Wade] Chapter 60 – “Yes.” Liu Lili said: “He is still a good buddy from college!”

When she said this, Liu Lili was thinking that Charlie, you and Darren White are good buddies, and you also gave away a pair of rubbish worth less than one hundred Dollar, and immediately let my father expose you in front of everyone!

However, no one expected, Liu Yuesheng sighed: “It seems that he is a good buddy! Not a good buddy, who is willing to give such a valuable thing.”

When everyone heard this, they were stunned!

what’s the situation? precious? Is this c**p expensive?

White Tengfei thought to himself, your mother is precious! I went to Antique Street to buy fake flowers and pee on them to make

them old. It looks more real than this painting!

At this time, Liu Yuesheng said earnestly: “This is the real work of the Qing Dynasty painter Huang Shen. Although Huang Shen is not a very famous painter, he is also one of the outstanding painters. He is one of the Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou!”

After speaking, Liu Yuesheng said again: “I estimate that the market transaction price of this painting is around 200,000 Dollar.”

“More than two hundred thousand?!” Liu Lili was stupid, she thought this thing was not worth a hundred dollars, who would have thought that it was worth more than two hundred thousand!

Darren White was stupid, and blurted out: “Oh! Charlie, how can you give me such an expensive thing! This is too expensive”

Charlie said calmly: “Dao Kun, it’s just a

matter of heart, don’t care too much about its price.”

Darren White was so touched, he didn’t expect that his good buddies in college would be so interesting!

White Tengfei looked dazed.

what’s the situation? This s**t is worth more than two hundred thousand?

It’s worth more than 200,000 Dollar. dmn Nima, isn’t this a dmn cheat?

The students were also shocked.

This time, no one dared to look down upon Charlie again!

After all, he is a person who gives gifts of more than two hundred eternal paintings at random!

Everyone is envious of Darren White!

Really awesome! I received such an expensive gift at the opening, earning blood!

At this time, Liu Lili was also shocked, and immediately changed her opinion of Charlie.

She knew her father’s level very well. Since her father said the painting was worth more than 200,000, it must be worth this number!

G*d! Darren White’s classmates actually gave such an expensive gift, this handwriting is not so big!

Thinking of this, she looked at Charlie’s eyes with stars.

Claire asked puzzledly: “Charlie, how much did you spend on this painting?”

Charlie smiled slightly and said in a low voice, “In fact, it didn’t cost much. The main reason was that the one who sold the painting to me was an acquaintance, and he also collected it from the omission, so he dealt with it at a low price.”

Claire couldn’t help but said: “A painting of two hundred thousand Dollar, a few thousand Dollar sold to you, is there such a good


Charlie said indifferently: “Many people don’t take money seriously, am I the same?

Otherwise, I wouldn’t give this painting to Darren.”

Claire nodded lightly. Charlie was right. If money is important, no one would give such expensive things. It seems that although his husband is not very promising, his courage is still beyond ordinary!

At this moment, Charlie stood up, looked at White Tengfei with a flustered expression, and

asked with a smile: “Student White Tengfei, how do you want to eat at this table? Do you eat directly with your mouth or chop a knife into pieces for you? Eat one piece?”