The Charismatic by Charlie Wade Chapter 448

Read The Charismatic by Charlie Wade Chapter 448 – “You are almost writing on your face, can I see it?”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “If you encounter any difficulties, you are welcome, just tell me.”

Qin Aoxue subconsciously touched her face, feeling her cheeks hot.

Although she was originally a valiant, cheerful and generous woman, she was always shy in front of Charlie.

So she calmed her mind, and then said seriously: “Mr. Wade, I do have something, and I want to ask you for help.”

Charlie nodded and said, “Just tell me.”

Qin Aoxue said: “Mr. Wade, I have a good friend in college. She used to have a very lively, sunny, and positive personality. But I feel that she has been brainwashed by her boyfriend recently. Doing a lot of extreme things, once when she was scolded by her boyfriend and wanted to jump off the building, I was persuaded. Later, her boyfriend was brainwashed and prepared to s*****w sleeping pills to commit s*****e. I told the teacher to rescue her… ..”

Speaking of this, Qin Aoxue said sadly: “But my best friend has been completely brainwashed now. Not only does she not thank me for saving her, but instead feels that I broke her relationship with her boyfriend and quarreled with me several times. , I even cut off contact with me. I think her condition seems to be wrong these days, so I want to persuade her, but she directly scolded me. I’m really afraid that something will happen to her if she goes on like this… …”

Charlie asked in surprise: “Brainwashing? Was it MLM by her boyfriend?”

Qin Aoxue shook her head and explained: “It’s not a pyramid scheme. I collected some information and found that it seems to be a very popular means of chasing girls, conquering girls, and controlling girls!”

Speaking of this, Qin Aoxue said indignantly: “These scumbags seem to pursue girls and fall in love with them, but in fact, they are able to control the girls to be their cows and horses, and even d*e for them. For pleasure, but many girls are very innocent, sinking into it step by step, and eventually suffer serious injuries and even lose their lives. These scumbags are simply a bunch of unforgivable b******s!”

Charlie frowned and said, “There is still such a b*****d?”

“Yes!” Qin Aoxue said: “Before my girlfriend was in trouble, I didn’t expect that there would be such a person, but after I carefully understood it, I discovered that there are not a few scumbags like this, and they take pleasure in playing with women. , No conscience at all!”

Charlie said coldly: “Each of them is given their lives by great women, but they still take pleasure in playing with women. Such scum is simply the dregs of society!”

Qin Aoxue said indignantly: “This fellow scumbag is not a day or two. Last year, a girl in our school was pregnant and jumped out of the building. It is said that he instigated him; another girl was repeatedly insulted by him because he didn’t give it to him for the first time. Feeling very d***y, I left a s*****e note saying that I wanted to wash my own filth. He committed s*****e by jumping into the river. It is said that there are also four or five girls who were forced to drop out of school because of his mental disorder. Two of them died…”

Charlie frowned. He had never thought that there would be such a scumbag, so he immediately said firmly: “In this case, I’ll take care of this! You take a moment and take me to see you. You girlfriend!”

Qin Aoxue burst into tears with excitement, grabbed Charlie’s hand, and said, “Mr. Wade, if you are willing to make a move, then my girlfriend must be saved!”

Charlie said, “As long as this kind of thing comes from constant psychological hints at work, I’m not sure if I can relieve the other party’s psychological hints to your girlfriends, but I can give it a try.”

Qin Aoxue nodded repeatedly: “I believe you can do it!” The

After all, Qin Aoxue said: “Why don’t you come to my school at night, I will take you to find my girlfriend.”

“Okay.” Charlie said, “If I can, I would like to see the scumbag who plays with your girlfriends. Is he from your school too?”

“Yes!” Qin Aoxue said: “He is the school grass of our school. He has a great reputation in the school. He is handsome, rich in family, and can coax girls, so many girls like him, and because of this, He can keep spoiling the little girl.”

Charlie sneered and said: “Okay, a scumbag who likes to give people psychological hints, I would like to meet him for a while, and let him have a taste by the way, what is meant by treating his body by his own way! “