The Charismatic by Charlie Wade Chapter 424

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This word occupies half of the forehead.

Moreover, Mr. Orvel, an old thing, is too d*mn ugly writer!

His poor character is not as good as a primary school student.

Mr. Orvel returned to find a supplement for himself, hehe smiled: “Looking at Mr. Wade, I am not used to lettering with a knife, it’s ugly…”

Charlie snorted and asked, “You tell the truth, how many years have you read?”

Mr. Orvel laughed and said, “I have been studying for several years. I graduated from elementary school anyway, but it’s true that I didn’t study hard in six years of elementary school…”

Charlie nodded and said, “Alright, if you engraved him too well, it would be cheaper for him.

When Liu Ming heard this, he cried out of breath.

The pain on the forehead is no longer important at all. The important thing is, doesn’t this mean that he’s d********d?

Mr. Orvel looked at the other party’s b****y forehead, took out a wrinkled pile of toilet paper from his pocket, s****d the blood-s*****g water, and said, “Come on, the other side now!”

Immediately afterward, Mr. Orvel began to carve another character.

He also engraved this character very big, one on each side is really eye-catching!

After the engraving, he looked around for himself, nodded in satisfaction, and then asked Charlie: “Mr. Wade, do you think my craft is okay?”

Charlie stopped the video recording, nodded, and said, “Seems pretty good.”

Orvel just smiled and asked, “Mr. Wade, how to deal with this plastic face?”

Charlie said calmly: “You will observe at these two people from now on. If Liu Ming dared to remove his scars and grow long hair to cover his forehead, he would be k****d directly by me, and if she had this plastic face if she dared to go. Fix her crooked nose and disfigure her entire face! Besides, if she still dares to play YouTube, break her leg!”

The bodies of the two kneeling on the ground were suddenly startled…

When Liu Ming was thinking about going back, he hurried to find a plastic surgery hospital to remove the scars, and then grow his hair a little longer and covered his forehead with bangs. This should have a little effect…

But what Charlie meant was to let all the people see what was on his forehead with two big characters in the future!

And that plastic face was thinking about it, and when he went back, she will quickly find a mobile phone to log in to YouTube, deleted the video that Orvel sent just now, and then go to the plastic surgery hospital to get her nose back.

But Charlie directly and expressly forbids her to trim her nose, and even refused to let her use YouTube. How can she become an internet celebrity in the future? How to lie to those poor fans? How to hook up the rich second generation? !

The two of them cried and begged for mercy, hoping that Charlie could open up their future and not to k**l them all.

Charlie was completely unmoved. He said to Orvel, “You remember what I told you. If something goes wrong, I will ask you only!”

Orvel immediately stood up straight and said seriously: “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, I will observe these two sl*t in the future!”

After that, he gritted his teeth and looked at the two of them, and said coldly: “You two bird people will remember me. You will check in with me every other week from now on. Let me check in person, and I will go to the chase one day later. At that time, the entire Aurous Hill, and even the entire Nanguang people will hunt you down! If you escape from the province, I will send my little brother across the province to hunt you down! Until I hacked you to d***h I won’t stop, do you understand?!”