The Charismatic by Charlie Wade Chapter 409

Read The Charismatic by Charlie Wade Chapter 409 – Everyone knows that the urinal in the men’s bathroom is irritating, but it will not be f***l if it is l****d.

But if the five kilograms of perfume were down, their bodies would not be able to cover it.

Although Barena Wei and Wendy are arrogant, neither of them wants to make fun of their lives.

As long as they survive, licking the urinal is nothing.

It’s not a big deal to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth a few times!

Seeing that they had chosen to l**k the urinal, Boyu said: “Come here, drag this pair of dogs to the men’s bathroom, and let them l**k the urinal clean. If they dare to leave a stain, they will Hit all the s**t!”

The security guards dragged Barena Wei and Wendy to the men’s bathroom on the second floor like a d**d dog. Boyu respectfully said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, would you like to oversee it?”

Charlie nodded, “Of course I can’t miss such an interesting thing.”

After all, under Boyu’s respectful service, he stepped to the bathroom.

The bathroom on the second floor is very large, and there are two rows of sixteen urinals alone.

Several security guards pushed Barena Wei and Wendy to one of the urinals, and said coldly, “What the h*ll are you doing? Hurry up!”

Barena Wei tremblingly stuck out his tongue, but he never dared to move forward.

Although the bathroom of the Brilliant Clubhouse is quite clean, it is a urinal after all. Usually the bathroom has an aromatherapy effect. You can’t smell anything too irritating and ask, but when you approach the urinal, you can still smell a strong urine smell. This led Barena Wei feel nauseous.

Wendy was also fainted by the disgusting hair. The smell was so violent that she almost fainted.

Seeing that the two were still rubbing together, Boyu said coldly: “If you’re haggling again, I’ll let you l**k the toilet!”

The two shuddered in fright. Barena Wei mustered up the courage first, leaned forward to the white porcelain urinal, stuck out his tongue, and l****d the tip of his tongue until he clicked on it, and then he retched disgustingly.

Wendy, who was on the side, could only learn something, closed her eyes and gently l****d on the urinal.

Barena Wei’s expression was very ugly, black and green, looking at Boyu, begging: “Boyu, we have already l****d it, can you let us go?”

Boyu turned his head and looked at Charlie: “Mr. Wade, what do you think?”

Charlie hugged his arms and sneered: “This is too foolish, right? Just stick your tongue? What a joke!”

Boyu hurriedly asked, “Mr. Wade, what do you mean?”

Charlie pointed to the sixteen urinals in two rows, and said, “In this way, let them l**k eight of them, and distribute them fairly. No one suffers. Each one must be l****d from the inside out. It won’t work!”

Everyone present was stunned…

Mr. Wade is too cruel!

One person l***s eight urinals? !

This urinal is an imported Kohler urinal. It is very large and stylish. It is almost one meter high, not to mention licking eight. Even if they l**k one, they will have to smash people to d***h, licking eight…

When Barena Wei heard this, Wendy broke down. Wendy burst into tears and begged Charlie on her knees: “Charlie, anyway, you are also my brother-in-law. For the sake of my youth and ignorance, let me go this time?”

Barena Wei also folded his hands together and kept begging: “Mr. Wade, you have a lot of ways, please give me a way to survive…”

Charlie nodded and said, “I’ve given you a way to survive. I will let you go immediately after licking eight.”