The Charismatic by Charlie Wade Chapter 147

Read The Charismatic by Charlie Wade Chapter 147 – Soon, the car drove to the exhibition center.

The Convention and Exhibition Center is a circular dome building. The outer circle is filled with shops selling flowers and birds, and the auction room is in the middle.

The convention and exhibition center, newly built last year, is magnificent and antique.

Charlie followed Warnia and took the landscape glass elevator to the top of the sixth floor.

As soon as the elevator door opened, an artistic exhibition hall suddenly appeared in front. Antique calligraphy and paintings hung on the surrounding walls. This is the auction house.

The auction table in the front is covered with a red carpet, and there are all sofa decks under the stage. The table is filled with foreign wines and fresh fruits for guests to enjoy.

Compared with the last auction, it can be seen that Treasures Pavilion has made a lot of effort this time. Just leasing and arranging the venue. It has spent nearly one million.

Warnia’s box was in the middle of the front row, and a group of people was about to move forward, but suddenly heard a noise behind them.

Charlie only had time to turn his head, and was pushed from behind by a few people and was forced to step aside.

He frowned slightly and watched as a group of people came in through the passage. It was a few bodyguards who opened the way.

“Mr. Jinghai is here too?” Warnia exclaimed softly, looking up at the crowd.

The people who squeezed in were all distinguished guests attending the auction, but at the moment they were all surrounded by a middle-aged man with a cold and arrogant face wearing a blue cloth gown, with an extremely respectful look.

Charlie took a look and said, “It turns out that this is Mr. Jinghai, but this posture is quite good.”

Mr. Jinghai was hugged by the crowd and walked forward. He drew out a light yellow triangle rune and handed it to the most complimented boss beside him. He said indifferently: “Today you and I are destined, this peace symbol is free it can keep you safe and prosperous.”

“Thank you, Mr. Jinghai.”

The boss was full of surprises, flattered, took the peace talisman, carried it into his arms like a treasure, and said to the people around: “Mr. Jinghai’s peace talisman is very good. I have been asking for it every year, thanks to the past few years. Mr. Jinghai, my business is getting bigger and bigger.”

The surrounding crowd looked jealous, some cheeky begged Mr. Jinghai, but Mr. Jinghai ignored them.

The assistant next to Mr. Jinghai snorted and said to the crowd: “Do you think that Mr. Jinghai’s peace charms can be obtained if you want? The minimum cost of asking for peace charms in our mysterious hall is 200,000 for each!”

The crowd recovered, and someone shouted immediately.

“It’s rare for Master Jinghai to come to Aurous Hill City. I would like to give out 200,000 for a peace talisman, and Master Jinghai will give it.”

“I want to buy it too! Ask Master Jinghai to give me a charm.”

“Mr. Jinghai’s peace talisman is hard to find. Two hundred thousand is nothing, I will buy five!”

The scene was very lively, and many bosses transferred deposits on the spot to buy Master Wade’s peace symbol.

“Line up, one by one.”

The assistant registered them one by one impatiently, and the scene was very hot.

Charlie couldn’t help but said: “What kind of peace talisman is so expensive, it’s too easy to make money.”

His voice is not loud, but Mr. Jinghai suddenly raised his head and stared at him with frowning brows.

Mr. Jinghai pushed away from the crowd, strode to Charlie, took a look and said: “You friend, listen to your tone, do you have an opinion on my safety charm?”

Charlie said lightly: “I don’t think this is worth so much money.”

Someone in the crowd immediately said: “You know what is bullsh*t! Mr. Jinghai’s talisman, 200,000 are considered cheap!”

“That’s right! Many people are rushing to buy two million talismans!”

“This kind of rag, it is estimated that you can afford the two-Dollar peace charm in the temple!”

Mr. Jinghai looked at Charlie, snorted, and said, “You can eat rice but you can’t talk nonsense. The reason why people grow their brains is to think in their heads before speaking. It’s best not to pretend to understand.”

After speaking, Mr. Jinghai curled his lips in disdain, and walked into the exhibition hall first.

Charlie’s face was indifferent, and he didn’t even see Mr. Jinghai in his eyes.