The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 996

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 996 – This sentence shocked everyone on the spot.

An annual salary of two million dollars a year? How is that any different from robbing the bank?

Besides that, was Charlie really this capable? He could actually turn Caleb’s annual salary to two million dollars with just one phone call?

At this moment, the other party smiled over the phone before she said, “This was decided by Chairman Lane. Since he decided it like this, then he must have his reasons for doing so. I believe that Chairman Lane does not think that this salary is too high for you.”

After she was done speaking, the other party said again, “Mr. Morales, I will see you next week then. This is my cell phone number. Please give me a phone call when you come to report for work and I will come and receive you myself!”

After that, the other party hung up the phone when she was done speaking.

Caleb held his cell phone in his hand with a blank expression on his face. He felt as though his brain had just been e**********d.

Harry was filled with envy, jealousy and hatred at this time. He blurted out immediately, “Caleb, is your company really going to give you an annual salary of two million dollars?”

Caleb came back to his senses and he nodded blankly as he said, “The person who called me earlier is the personnel director. She was the one who told me about my salary.”

Harry was extremely jealous at this time. He really did not expect Charlie to be so powerful and capable. If he had known that Charlie was so capable, then he would not have stuck up to Jeff instead! He would have just knelt down in front of Charlie and l****d his boots instead!

At this time, Caleb was already in tears. He looked at Charlie before he choked and said, “Charlie, you’ve really done too much for me. How can I actually be worthy enough to become Chairman Lane’s assistant?”

Charlie smiled indifferently before he patted Caleb on the shoulder before he said earnestly, “You’re definitely worthy of the assistant position that Chairman Lane has arranged for you because you’re my good brother.”

Caleb felt very touched at this time. However, he was still not confident of himself and he said, “Charlie, I know that you’ve always regarded me as your own brother but to be honest, I know my own ability and capability. How can I possibly be worthy of earning a two million dollars salary a year?”

Charlie smiled before he said, “It isn’t up to you to decide whether you’re worthy or not. Since you’re my brother, then you’re definitely worthy enough to earn a basic salary of two million dollars.”

After that, Charlie said seriously, “So, make sure that you follow and serve Travis in a steadfast manner in the future. You have to prove yourself and show those who looked down on you in the past that you’re no longer the same person you were before!”

Caleb burst into tears as soon as he heard this!

After they had both left the orphanage, Caleb had always been looked down upon because he was young and had no mother or father. He was also constantly bullied by the other workers when he was working on the construction site.

He had already been working in Lancaster for so many years but other people were still looking down on him. Even his own girlfriend looked down on him and left him because of that.

Therefore, Charlie’s words ignited the fire and self-esteem in his heart.

He clasped his fingers together as he formed a fist as he said with great gratitude, “Brother, thank you very much. From now on, my life is yours!”

Charlie waved his hand before he laughed and said, “What would I do with your life? You should just live well in the future and make sure that you treat yourself well. I’ll be very relieved as long as you can make something out of yourself.”

At this time, Charlie said again, “By the way, I only have one request for you.”

Caleb hurriedly said, “Just say it. No matter what your request is, I’ll definitely fulfill it!”

Charlie replied seriously, “After you become Travis’s assistant, you must not agree to get back together with your ex-girlfriend even if your ex-girlfriend and her mother come and beg you to take her back. You aren’t allowed to get back together with her even if you still love her deep down in your heart! This is because from now on, this kind of snobbish woman isn’t worthy of my brother!”


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