The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 994

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 994 – If this had happened half an hour ago, everyone would have thought that Charlie was simply bragging.

However, at this time, everyone knew that this matter was probably true since Charlie said so.

Charlie smiled indifferently before he told Caleb, “Although I don’t share a deep friendship with Chairman Lane, we’re still acquaintances after all. I believe that he’ll definitely give me face on account of that.”

After that, Charlie took out his cell phone before he looked for Travis’s phone number and called directly.

After a short while, the phone call was connected.

Travis was very surprised when he answered the call. He said, “Master Wade, why are you so free to call me today?”

Charlie smiled lightly before he said, “Chairman Lane, it has already been a long time since we’ve seen each other.”

Travis hurriedly replied, “Oh, I haven’t been back to Aurous Hill at all during this period of time. Otherwise, I would definitely have come over to say hello to you, Master Wade!”

Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “Chairman Lane, you don’t have to be so polite with me. The reason why I’ve called you today is because I would like to ask for your help in a certain matter.”

Everyone around the table held their breath as they looked at Charlie. They were all looking forward to this moment where they would be able to witness a miracle!

After all, all of them were orphans. They had never had the opportunity to meet a rich or wealthy man who had tens of millions of dollars, let alone a wealthy man who had a net worth of tens of billions of dollars.

Travis hurriedly replied at this time, “Master Wade, you can give me any orders and instructions as you please. I’ll definitely do my best for you!”

Charlie replied, “I have a buddy who grew up with me. I just found out today that he’s actually working for a company under Lane Group. Chairman Lane, I would like to ask if you could arrange for a more promising job and position for him?”

Travis was shocked!

He would never have dreamt that Charlie’s good brother would actually be working for his own company.

Therefore, he hurriedly asked, “Master Wade, what’s your brother’s name? Which company is he working for? Could you give me all of these details? After this, I’ll make a call to arrange for a personnel transfer immediately. I’ll transfer your good brother over to our group’s headquarters.”

Charlie replied, “My brother’s name is Caleb Morales and he’s currently working for the lighting equipment company under Lane Group.”

Travis hurriedly replied, “Master Wade, give me a moment. I’ll make a phone call to ask about this matter now!”

After hanging up the phone, Travis immediately called his secretary to ask her to verify Caleb Morales’s identity in the shortest possible time.

As soon as the secretary reported that there was indeed a person named Caleb Morales working for the lighting equipment company, Travis was overjoyed.

In fact, he had always wanted to look for an opportunity to get closer to Charlie but he had never had the chance to do so.

After all, Charlie was really incredible and even the awesome Jack Yaleman did not stand a chance at all when he had a face-to-face encounter with him. Moreover, the large and prestigious Moore family was also very polite and respectful towards Charlie. Therefore, he knew that he did not have much opportunity to try and get closer to Charlie.

He really would not have dreamt that this opportunity would just fall right into his laps. Charlie’s good brother was actually working in his own company. Wasn’t this a godsend opportunity?

Travis immediately called Charlie back as he asked, “Master Wade, I want to transfer your good brother over to the company’s headquarters to become my assistant. I’ll give him an annual salary of one million dollars. Oh no, make that two million dollars. Are you satisfied with this arrangement?”

Charlie knew that a two million annual salary was nothing more than a drop of water in the bucket for someone like Travis.

However, for Caleb, it would take him at least ten to twenty years of struggle and hard work to finally make that amount of money in his life.

Charlie hummed in satisfaction before he said, “I’d have to trouble you for this matter then. Chairman Lane, it would be best if you could send a notice to my brother now just so he can be happy even sooner.”

Travis did not dare to disobey Charlie’s command and he said respectfully, “Master Wade, please rest assured that I’ll arrange for my personnel manager to send him an employment notice immediately!”


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