The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 991

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 991 – When the heartless Jeff left William’s dormitory, he suddenly felt a little guilty towards him.

He felt that even though people like William were really hateful, he was also very pitiful at the same time.

He was an orphan with no father or mother. Moreover, he had not achieved anything in his life even after working hard for so many years. In the end, he had even found a girlfriend who was nothing but a shrewd woman.

What would William feel if he found out that his girlfriend was actually enjoying s****l intimacy with another man when she scolded and cursed at him when he called her earlier?

Moreover, William has just handed all of his assets over to Jeff.

He even took up a loan of more than five hundred thousand dollars from loan sharks who practiced usury.

In one weeks’ time, William would have to repay at least one million dollars for all of his loans.

After a month, he would be owing them several millions in debt.

When that time comes, he would certainly be very desperate with nowhere else to go, right?

However, he was also in trouble and he could not guarantee his own safety at this time.

There was nothing else that he could do. If either one of them had to perish, then he hoped that the other party would d*e instead.

Moreover, he had not gone ashore yet.

If he wanted to go ashore, he would have to raise a few hundred thousand more dollars.

As he thought about this, Jeff no longer sympathized with William.

He could not be bothered about him anymore. He should think of how he could survive first.

At this time, at the dining table at the Hyatt Hotel, Jeff has already become everyone’s target.

Even those of them who used to be his lackeys started to hate him and despise him, one by one.

As everyone was looking down on Jeff, they could not help but start to feel a lot of admiration for Charlie at the same time.

After all, he could afford to donate one million dollars to the orphanage with just a snap of his fingers. Everyone believed that Charlie certainly had more than one million dollars.

They realized that they had seriously underestimated Charlie in the past.

The few of them continue saying kind words to him, giving him toast after toast, complimenting him, and some of them were even trying to l**k his boots just to curry favor with Charlie.

Though Charlie was not arrogant, he was also not very humble at the same time. He maintained a very calm and composed attitude. This made everyone feel that there was a profound and mysterious aura around him.

Caleb waited for everyone to finish drinking with Charlie before he took a glass of wine in his hand as he said seriously, “Charlie, thank you for everything that you’ve done for this orphanage. I would like to dedicate this toast to you!”

Charlie looked at him before he nodded lightly.


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