The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 979

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 979 – As everyone was enjoying their meal that was worth two hundred thousand dollars, Charlie walked up to the front desk before he said to the waiter, “Hello, I am a guest from Table 03 in the lobby. Please give me a receipt for my table.”

The waiter hurriedly asked in a respectful manner, “Hello, sir. May I ask whether you’re referring to the table that has just spent two hundred thousand dollars tonight?”

“Yes!” Charlie nodded immediately.

The waiter asked again, “Would you like me to issue the receipt under a company or a personal name?”

Charlie replied, “A personal name.”

“Okay, sir. Could you please give me your name?”

Charlie nodded slightly before he said, “Charlie Wade.”

The waiter hurriedly typed on the computer before he started printing the receipt out from the printer.

There was the sound of the printer at work before a receipt with Charlie’s name and the amount of two hundred thousand dollars was printed out.

As soon as Charlie received the receipt, he checked the accuracy of the receipt. After confirming that there were no problems with the receipt, he thanked the waiter before he returned to his table.

At this time, Charlie secretly sneered in his heart. ‘Jeff, you probably would never have expected me to make the first move, right?’

After that, Charlie returned to the dinner table before he continued enjoying his meal with everyone else.

At this time, Claire asked in a low voice, “Charlie, tell me the truth. Are you up to no good?”

Charlie replied, “No. I am such a good person. How could I possibly be up to no good?”

Claire lowered her voice before she said, “I have a feeling that you seem to have some tricks up your sleeve to deal with Jeff…”

Charlie nodded before he smiled and said, “My dear wife, you are right!”

Claire smiled before she nodded and said, “This kind of person is really annoying. I support you!”

Charlie smiled before he said, “You are really my good wife!”

Claire blushed and she felt very shy.

After drinking for three rounds, Jeff stood up in a dizzy manner as he said, “I will make a trip to the restroom now. You guys should continue drinking. All of you should drink more tonight. That Moutai, we shouldn’t leave any of the Moutai left! We should also finish the bottle of champagne that costs twenty thousand dollars a bottle!”

When William saw this, he hurriedly stood up and said, “Brother Jeff, let me help you to the restroom!”

After he was done speaking, he stood up as he supported Jeff with a brazen attitude.

Jeff waved his hand before he smiled and said, “I did not drink that much so I’m not drunk at all.”

After that, William said, “Then, I’ll go to the restroom with you!”

On the way to the restroom, William smiled as he said, “Brother Jeff, I’ve already secretly finished downloading all of the online loan platforms that you’ve asked me to. There’s no password for the restaurant’s WiFi and their Internet speed is really very fast! It’s so much faster compared to the Internet at my company’s dormitory! I feel as though I’ve just made a huge bargain!”

Jeff looked at William contemptuously. He knew that William was even more shameless compared to him when it came to taking advantage of others. Moreover, he was an even more pathetic j**k than he was.

It was also precisely because he liked taking advantage so much that Jeff actually had the opportunity to easily take advantage of someone like him.

After that, he told William, “You should register on the platforms before filling in all of your personal information there. After that, you can start applying for a loan from them. You should borrow as much money as you can before you withdraw the money and transfer it to my bank account. After you do that, I will help you to make an investment with your money. I will transfer your profit and principal back to you in a week!”

William nodded hurriedly before he complimented, “Brother Jeff, you’re really amazing. I’m really fortunate to have a friend like you. It seems as though I’ll finally be able to get married because of your help!”

Jeff replied, “Hurry up and take the money out first. I will be starting a new fund soon. If you do not manage to raise the money on time, then don’t blame me in future because you missed out on this opportunity to make more money.”


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