The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 972

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 972 – Jeff was literally illustrating his personal experience.

He was the one who had assumed the car was a Passat simply by seeing the Volkswagen logo, missing the ‘Phaeton’ entirely, and crashing into it.

He was in a hot mess now. He now had millions of dollars of debt that he didn’t know how to settle.

He would be so screwed if his conning strategy failed.

“D**n it!!! It’s really a Phaeton?!”

A guy recognized Phaeton’s car key. He blurted in excitement when he saw the word W12 on it, “D**n it, this is Volkswagen’s most expensive model! The top-spec model costs more than 2 million dollars! It is known as the most underrated super luxury car. D**n, Jeff, you actually bought the legendary Phaeton! You’re d**n awesome, man!”

On the other hand, the guys who had come in Jeff’s car and witnessed the entire incident exchanged awkward glances with each other.

They didn’t expect Jeff to literally use Caesar’s story and start to brag.

But, of course, they wouldn’t expose Jeff’s lies as they were all his lackeys.

Jeff smiled nonchalantly and said, “Actually, the people in our field try to keep a low profile as much as possible because this business is indeed very profitable, and that will attract a lot of unwanted attention. When someone knows that you have insider information and a way to make money, they want to ride with you and get a piece of the pie.”

The man asked again, “By the way, Jeff, what model is your Phaeton?”

Jeff arched his eyebrows arrogantly and answered, “W12, the model with a 12-cylinder engine.”

“Goddamn it!” The man shrieked, dumbfounded. “Jeff, it is the top-spec model, at least 2 million dollars, am I right?”

Jeff waved his hand indifferently. “Well, it’s not that much.”

Then, he continued in a rather mysterious voice, “Actually, I’m just keeping a low profile, that’s why I never revealed my actual income. In investment, we usually focus on 1 or 2 shares. If they perform well, each of these shares can bring us hundreds of thousands or even higher returns.”

A guy asked eagerly, “Jeff, we’ve been friends for so many years, you have such an amazing way to make so much money, can you please help me? I’m going to get married soon, but my mother-in-law asked for a three-hundred-thousand dollar betrothal gift, where could I find so much money? I’ve only managed to save a total of hundreds of thousands after years of frugal and thrifty life. At this rate, my wedding won’t happen anytime soon…”

Charlie recognized the man. His name was William Becker, who was also an orphan.

Jeff’s heart fluttered wickedly when he heard that William had a hundred thousand dollar savings. He muffled his grin and said, “Investment is like building leverage. The more you invest, the more you generate. A hundred thousand dollars as your starting capital is really too little.”

William pleaded, “Jeff, this is all I have, I can’t even come up with a penny more…”

He started to sob, “Jeff, honestly speaking, a deadbeat orphan like me who doesn’t have a family, money, skills, and even lacks educational background, I’m considered half illiterate. I can only do manual labor to make a living. I can’t even get married as I wish. Please, for my sake, please be merciful and help me!”

Jeff uttered, sounding pained and awkward, “Well, brother, I have to be honest. Despite sounding rude, you have to have an enormous capital to invest. Anything below a million dollars is considered too little. I can’t bring you in without that much money.”

He spread his hand apologetically. “I’m sorry, brother, I can’t help you.”


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