The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 971

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 971 – Harry was one of Jeff’s lackeys who had been following him around for years.

Charlie asked curiously, “Oh, does Harry work in the same company as you?”

“Yes,” Jeff answered with a smile, “He is one of my assistants.”

Then, he turned to Charlie and said, “Come and help me. I don’t need any working experience from you nor do I expect you to have any, you just need to do some errands for me. You know, make me coffee, clean my office, etc. You are the best at serving people. I’ll give you three thousand dollars a month. What do you think?”

Make him coffee, clean his office, etc?

Three thousand a month?

Charlie answered with a smile, “Oh, your offer is so lucrative. I don’t deserve it, I’ll pass.”

Jeff nodded triumphantly and said, “I don’t want to brag, but trust me, you’ll make a lot of money if you work for me. Just look at Harry. He would have starved to d***h if it weren’t for me.”

There was a tinge of embarrassment on Harry’s face, but he dared not contradict Jeff.

Jeff said with a smug face, “How is it? It’s a great offer, right? Tell me if you’re interested. I can simply make a call and you can come to work tomorrow!”

Despite Jeff’s ‘sincere’ job offer, Charlie shook his head and uttered, “Thanks for the offer but no thanks, I’m used to being a moocher now, so I’ll pass.”

Jeff’s face turned red sullenly as he was agitated by Charlie’s refusal. He suppressed his anger and huffed, “Charlie, don’t take my kindness for granted, can you? I’m offering you a job. What is with that attitude?”

Mrs. Lewis hurriedly interjected, “Boys, that’s enough, stop arguing. It is supposed to be a happy reunion, don’t ruin the mood. If you keep on fighting like this, I think we’d better cancel the dinner. I don’t want you to turn into enemies after this!”

Jeff whined aggrievedly, “Mrs. Lewis, I’m doing this for Charlie’s good. I don’t simply give the offer to anyone. If only he can be more humble and come work with me, I can guarantee that I’ll guide him to be rich and successful.”

Then, he turned to the others and said seriously, “Guys, we grew up together, I don’t have to lie to you. Truth be told, I am now a director in an investment company that is owned by the White Group.”

“I think you all must have heard about investments. It can generate a lot of money in a very short period of time. Sometimes, when you invest one hundred thousand dollars, it will become hundreds of thousands the next day and two hundred thousand in a month. Those of us who have worked in this field, we have a lot of insider tips, but I don’t normally reveal it to anyone, let alone make money with them. I sincerely think that Charlie is too pitiful to be a househusband, that’s why I’m offering him a way out for himself.”

Someone quickly asked, “Jeff, are you really working as an investor now? Can you offer us some insider tips?”

Jeff nodded, grinning secretly as his friends bit his bait, and said, “Honestly speaking, I do have a lot of insider tips. I also made some money from these tips, which is why I can afford the Mercedes.”

Then, he added, “Oh yes, in fact, I have more than one car. This car is quite rare and underrated. You guys may not have heard of it.”

Someone hurriedly asked, “What car is it? Do tell!”

Jeff answered with a laugh. “Volkswagen. The Volkswagen Phaeton.”

Jeff took out Caesar’s car key from his pocket, slammed it on the table, and said with a smirk, “See, there’s the Volkswagen logo and the name ‘Phaeton’ on the key, but many who don’t know cars will assume that it’s a cheap car, some may even think of it as a Passat. This is why I bought this car!”

On the contrary to his smug tone, he felt as if someone had stabbed his heart with a dagger as he said it.


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