The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 970

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 970 – Charlie and Claire sat down on Mrs. Lewis’s right-hand side at her request. The others took their seats one by one.

As soon as everyone sat down, Mrs. Lewis glanced at all of them and donned a gentle smile. “Kids, I’m so happy and thankful that you still remember me for all these years and even visit me!”

Everyone on the table quickly said, “Mrs. Lewis, what are you talking about? It’s what we should do.”

Mrs. Lewis asked, “How have you all been all these years?”

They answered with a smile, “Thanks for your concern, we are doing quite well.”

After leaving the orphanage for many years, everyone led their own lives in the direction they could head, but in general, they were just ordinary people. Regardless of the ideology and ambitions in the past, all of it diminished by the cruel reality. They eventually returned to ordinary life.

Everyone had changed a lot. As they talked about their lives, they sounded casual and relaxed, but the listeners fell silent. Apparently, not all of them were leading a happy life.

Without family support and background, they could only rely on themselves in a harsh and realistic society. It was considered good for achieving what they were at now, but it was unrealistic to dream big and far.

Someone asked, “Jeff, I heard that you are now the director of a listed company, is it true?”

Jeff laughed in delight. “Yeah! I’ve been a director for six months now!”

Many people gaped in astonishment. “Wow, a director in a listed company! Your annual salary must be at least a few hundred thousand, right? Jeff, you’re amazing, no wonder you can afford a Merc!”

Jeff said in a smug tone, “So-so. Frankly, my annual salary is only several hundred thousand, it’s just enough to make a living!”

Then, he pretended to sigh regretfully and said, “You may think it’s a big number, but it’s just enough to pay for my necessities. I depend heavily on the commission and bonus.”

He s****d a breath and continued, “I have an insider deal, I am currently in charge of a big project. Once it is completed, I’ll be able to share a million dollars bonus!”

Everyone gaped their mouth wide, astounded. “Wow, Jeff! Oh, wait, Mr. Mowry! Where do you work? A million dollars? They are so generous with their bonus!”

A smug smile was pasted on Jeff’s face. “Hold your jaw. I’m now working under the famous White Group! They have a very diversified business division, for example, Spikeworth Corps is also one of their subsidiary companies. Sometimes, the profit of a project can hit up to tens of millions of dollars, and the bonus of the project I’m partaking in is considered less!”

Charlie frowned. The White Group… wasn’t that the company under Zeke White’s family?

Was Jeff the White family’s employee? It was getting more interesting now.

Since Charlie was awfully silent, Jeff asked in a mocking tone, “By the way, Charlie, what do you do now? Don’t tell me you’ve been mooching on your wife ever since you married into their family.”

His lackeys laughed sinisterly upon his remarks.

No matter how patient Charlie was, he was starting to get annoyed by Jeff’s continuous provocation. He glared at Jeff and said flatly, “Yes, I have to do the laundry, cooking, and clean the house every day. It is quite a busy yet fulfilling life, I don’t have the time to find a job.”

Charlie was telling the truth, but it became the funniest joke when it resonated in Jeff’s ears. He laughed out loud and mocked, “Oh please, Charlie, stop saving your face. Everyone knows how awful it must be to you, stop pretending as if being a househusband is the most enjoyable life you can have!”

Then, he said in a deliberate tone, “Oh yeah, since we are childhood buddies, I’m offering you a job. I am looking for an assistant recently, why don’t you come and join Harry to help me out?”


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