The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 967

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 967 – Jeff shivered in fright and h****r. His mind was in a big mess, he didn’t know what to do.

Caesar shrugged him off indifferently. He went back to his Phaeton to take his personal belongings and then tossed the car key to Jeff.

“I have a spare key for this car, I’ll give it to you when you hand me the new car. Don’t worry, although I’m a mobster, I never blackmail anyone. I’ll take what’s mine, I won’t take anything that is not. We in the underworld have a principle—honesty!”

“However, if you don’t fulfill my demand, I’ll track you down!”

Then, he raised his hand to hail a cab, got in, and left like a gust of wind.

Jeff’s friends watched the scene in awe and bewilderment.

Caesar was truly the boss in the underworld, acting very decisively and with a no-nonsense attitude. He had simply tossed his 2 million dollar car here and left. He was so awesome.

On the other hand, Jeff was crouching on the floor, wailing and crying.

Where could he get the money to buy a new Phaeton? Even if he sold these two cars, it was far from enough!

However, Caesar was too influential and dangerous. If he didn’t solve the problem in a week, it was highly likely that he might order someone to k**l him!

Jeff didn’t know what to do now. He stared at the two damaged cars in front of him, wishing that he could just d*e in a car c***h.

His buddies surrounded him and asked in concern, “Jeff, what should we do now?”

Jeff grabbed his hair in agony and screamed, “How would I know?! Oh my G*d, how did all of this happen? Why did I c***h into a Phaeton? I don’t understand why someone would spend 2 million dollars just to buy a car that looks like a cheapo Passat!”

He buried his face in his arms and cried out loud.

In the meantime, the message group was bombarded with questions.

Since Jeff had posted the video, a lot of people in the group had been asking him in concern. [How are you? Is everything okay? How’s everyone? Are you injured?]

After all, all of them had grown up together in the orphanage. Despite being a busybody, everyone was genuinely worried when they learned about Jeff’s accident.

However, Charlie knew that it was just Jeff’s trick to pull himself off the bet in a reasonable manner.

When he simply stepped on the accelerator of his BMW 760, he had overtaken Jeff’s Merc and sped off at a high speed. Under such circumstances, everyone knew that Jeff would not win the race.

Jeff himself must have known it too.

Charlie was positively certain that Jeff didn’t want to donate his car to the orphanage, so he had decided to create a car c***h as an excuse to terminate the race.

In truth, if they strictly followed the rule, no matter what happened in the middle of the race, he would lose as long as he arrived later than Charlie.

He had to fulfill his promise if he lost.

But since Jeff had created a car c***h in order to avoid the embarrassment of losing the race, Charlie knew that he should stop pursuing this matter. If he didn’t, his friends would think that he was inhumane for treating Jeff so cruelly after the accident.

In the BMW, Mrs. Lewis anxiously asked, “Call Jeff, see if he’s okay. Hopefully, no one is hurt.”

Lisa pouted in disdain. “Mrs. Lewis, I think Jeff rear-ended the car on purpose! He must have known that he couldn’t win the race and he didn’t want to donate the car to the orphanage, that’s why he came up with such a lousy idea!”

Mrs. Lewis chided, “Hush, Lisa, you can’t make such ill-intended presumptions about others. What if you misunderstand him? Besides, traffic accidents are a serious matter, nothing is more important than everyone’s safety.”


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