The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 961

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 961 – “No can do!” Jeff shouted. When he saw Charlie start to back off, he jumped on him instead and said in a loud voice, “Guys, you heard him, right? You said it yourself, Charlie, ‘Hamilton can win because he is Hamilton, not because he has the best cars’. If so, let’s race and see if you really deserve the Schumacher nickname..”

Charlie waved his hands timidly and said, “Hey, Jeff, just forget about the whole thing. We are not even at the same level, it’s not fair.”

It truly wasn’t fair. A BMW 760 vs a Merc E300L was like sending a wolf after a Husky.

Jeff assumed that Charlie was trying to talk him out of the race because he was scared, so he teased again, “Charlie, you were showing off just now, why have you become such a coward suddenly? Can’t you man up in front of your wife?”

Charlie replied, pretending to be annoyed, “Hey, Jeff, don’t say that. We’re childhood friends, why must you be so aggressive toward me? Yeah, you drive a great car, stop bragging about it! Do you think you can win just because your car is better than mine?”

Jeff thought that Charlie had fallen into his trap, but little did he know that he was the one falling into Charlie’s trap. He quickly said, “The winner is decided from the race, but the point is, do you dare to take up the challenge? Well, I can’t do anything if you are a wuss and decide to back off.”

Charlie stomped angrily. “Alright! Let’s race then! I’m not afraid of you!”

Jeff grinned delightfully. “Awesome! Let’s race! Here, we’ll drive to the Hyatt, and whoever arrives first wins. Deal?”

Charlie nodded. “Alright, but we can’t race for nothing. What about a bet?”

“Come on!” Jeff said confidently, “I’ll bet whatever you suggest!”

Charlie pondered for a while and said, “Lisa told me that the orphanage has limited funding. So, whoever loses must donate his car to the orphanage and let them do whatever they want with the car, no backsies. What do you think?”

Caleb tugged Charlie’s arm and blurted, “Buddy, don’t be fooled! He is playing tricks on you!”

Charlie smiled gently and told him that everything was going to be okay, but he thought to himself, ‘Brother, I’m the one playing tricks because I want him to fall into my trap!’

Of course, he didn’t say it out loud.

Jeff giggled, already foreseeing his winning. “Charlie, is this car’s ownership under your name? I thought you are a live-in husband, so this should be your wife’s car, am I right? How can you bet with your wife’s car? What if you lose and your wife doesn’t want to donate the car to the orphanage?”

Claire gritted her teeth in irritation as she found Jeff very arrogant and annoying, thus, she said, “Although I own the car, don’t you worry. I can guarantee you that if my husband loses, I will donate the car to the orphanage, but you have to do the same if you lose! Everyone here is our witness! Do you agree?”

Jeff was relieved after hearing Claire’s remark, thinking, ‘Huh, do you really think my Merc E300L can’t outrun your BMW 520? Since you want to bring disgrace upon yourself, be my guest and get ready to say goodbye to your car!’

Jeff said pompously, “Okay, beauty, I agree to the terms. Everyone, you are our witness, including Mrs. Lewis. Whoever loses donates their car to the orphanage, this is our deal!”

Mrs. Lewis said frantically, “Oh, you guys, what’s with all the betting and races and whatnot? You guys grew up together, why can’t you sit down and talk nicely? Why do you want to fight like children? Listen to me, forget about the race and the bet, let’s just eat dinner peacefully, chit chat and socialize, okay?”


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