The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 959

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 959 – Mrs. Lewis hurriedly interjected, “Jeff, I can understand your kind intention, but we don’t have to go to such a high-end place just to celebrate my recovery. It’s too expensive!”

She continued, “Besides, it’s just a meal. I can cook for you guys, let’s just eat in the orphanage. This way, you can save your money for other purposes. Don’t spend it on me, it’s not worth it…”

She had been thrifty and frugal her entire life that she had never been to such a luxurious place before. Moreover, she would feel awkward and uneasy to dine at a place that would cost so much money.

However, Jeff smiled and said, “Mrs. Lewis, please don’t say that. You literally brought us up, it’s about time for us to repay your favor. Besides, I’m not the only one to cover the bill, I’ll share it with them!”

Seeing Mrs. Lewis’s hesitation, he persuaded, “Mrs. Lewis, don’t worry, it won’t be too expensive. The Hyatt Hotel is my company’s client, I can get some discounts on my visit, so it will cost them only a few hundred dollars for the meal!”

Everyone was relieved upon hearing his remark. Indeed, a few hundred dollars was still within their budget, thus, they could be at ease.

Besides, if they could spend very little money to experience the upscale and luxurious five-star hotel, it was totally worth it.

Mrs. Lewis was still a little reluctant. Jeff checked his watch and said, “Mrs. Lewis, it’s already 6 o’clock, we’d better hurry. Other places might be full already.”

Mrs. Lewis looked at the crowd. It was rare to see them all at the same time, and it would be a disappointment if they couldn’t dine together.

Finally, she couldn’t withstand Jeff’s overwhelming enthusiasm and said, “Alright then, let’s go to the Hyatt.”

Jeff grinned triumphantly and said, “Okay, let’s go now.”

Someone asked, “Hey, we have a dozen people here, how do we get there?”

Jeff smiled and said, “My car can fit four more people inside. Mrs. Lewis can sit in my car, Lisa too, and two more people.”

Then, he turned his gaze toward Charlie and asked with a coy smile, “Charlie, do you want to ride in my car with your wife? I can take you there. Your wife is so pretty, she should sit comfortably in a Merc or BMW, you can’t take her for a bus ride!”

Charlie smiled faintly. “Thanks but no thanks, we drove here.”

“Oh, really?” Jeff asked in an exaggerated expression, “Aren’t you a househusband? How could you afford a car? What car is it? An Alto or Charade?”

Charlie took out the BMW car key emotionlessly and pressed the unlock button. The yellow lights on the BMW 760 that was parked on the side of the road not far away blinked twice.

Everyone looked in the direction where his car key was pointing and gaped in extreme astonishment when they saw that he had literally unlocked a BMW.

These orphanage youngsters could only afford blue-collar jobs with a mediocre salary. They were already amazed at Jeff and his Mercedes-Benz and set it as the ultimate goal of their lives, but none of them expected that Charlie drove a BMW.

Jeff instantly gleaned indignantly. He was supposed to be at the center of attention because of his Merc, but because BMW and Merc were basically at the same class and range, it made him feel uneasy and awkward.

He was supposed to be the only one among these orphanage friends who could afford such exquisite car brands, but Charlie had come out of nowhere with his BMW!

He took a closer look at Charlie’s car anxiously and finally grinned coyly when he saw the ‘520’ imprinted on the back of the car.


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