The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 946

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 946 – So, Claire told Elaine, “Mom, you can reflect and think about this matter on your own. Charlie and I will leave first. By the way, don’t forget to take out the noodles that Charlie has cooked for you.”

After she was done speaking, Claire told Charlie, “Let’s go.”

Charlie nodded slightly before he took Claire out of the villa as they headed toward the orphanage.

Charlie bought a bouquet of flowers and a fruit basket on the way to the orphanage. He also prepared a handwritten greeting card to give to Mrs. Lewis.

After arriving at the Aurous Hill Welfare Institute, Charlie parked his car at the parking space on the side of the road. Charlie was in a daze as he stared at the slightly outdated door on the orphanage. He could not help but feel as though he had gone back in time.

He stood there as though he was trying to recall certain scenes in his memory. The scenes that flashed back in his memories were the softest, happiest, and most precious memories that were etched deep in his heart.

He could still remember the scene when he first arrived at the orphanage.

When he was eight years old, he lost his parents. He was left all by himself out on the streets. Back then, Mrs. Lewis was like an angel who came to earth. She brought him back to the orphanage and she held his hand before she pointed at the door and said very lovingly, “Child, do not be afraid. This will be your home from now on.”

Charlie could still remember this very warm scene even after so many years.

As he thought about this, there was a very rare happy expression on Charlie’s face. The corners of his mouth were also curled into a smile.

When Claire saw him smiling, she could not help but said, “You seem to be very happy today.”

Charlie nodded slightly before he said, “Yes. You know that I have been particularly worried ever since Mrs. Lewis fell ill. I tried to raise money for her treatment but I could not even raise enough money for her to undergo a kidney transplant. If it was not because of fate, Mrs. Lewis would have already left me a long time ago.”

Claire recalled the scene when Charlie was desperately begging her grandmother to lend him so many so that he could pay for Mrs. Lewis’s medical treatment.

At that time, she really felt very sorry for this man who had suffered an ill-fated life ever since he was a young boy.

It was a pity that she was not that capable at that time and she did not have so much money to help him.

Fortunately, Mrs. Lewis was very lucky because good things happen to good people. Someone came forward and helped her to pay for her medical expenses and even sent her to the best hospital in the country, Fairview Hospital for her medical treatment.

As she thought about this, Claire could not help but ask, “By the way, you said that someone paid for Mrs. Lewis’s medical expenses at that time. Who is that person? Why is he so generous? I think that Mrs. Lewis’s medical treatment at Fairview Hospital should probably cost about two to three million dollars, right?”

Charlie nodded before he said, “I heard that her medical treatment cost a total of three million dollars. However, I am not too sure who paid for her medical expenses. I heard that this person was also someone that Mrs. Lewis saved in the past.”

Charlie certainly could not tell Claire that he was the one who paid for Mrs. Lewis’s medical treatment. After all, at that time, he was still a useless and pathetic person who had no money at all. It was simply impossible for him to explain how he was able to raise three million dollars at that time.

Therefore, he could only sigh as he said: “If I knew that I could make so much money by giving people Feng Shui advice in the past, I would have already done so when Mrs. Lewis was sick.”

Both of them continued chatting when they suddenly heard someone calling Charlie out in a pleasantly surprised voice: “Brother Charlie!”

When Charlie turned around to take a look, he saw a tall and thin figure walking out of the orphanage.

It turned out to be Lisa.

They had not met each other for a few years, but Lisa had already become an adult!

She was in her early twenties. She was a little over 1.7 meters tall and her body figure was similar to that of a model’s.

Although she was dressed in very plain and simple clothing and even though she was very confident without any makeup on her face at all, she gave everyone around her a very dreamy and irreproachable feeling.

Charlie could not help but marvel at the change in this young girl. A young woman was indeed very different from the young girl she used to be. Was this truly the little girl who used to follow him around the orphanage back then?


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