The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 938

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 938 – Elaine asked coldly, “Are you sure?”

Jacob hurriedly said, “Yes, I’m sure. Why would I lie to you? Don’t you think that it is inappropriate for you to be talking about this now? Isn’t the most important thing right now to get treatment for your injuries? Is your leg broken?”

Elaine had been so focused on finding out about Jacob’s affairs that she had already forgotten that she was here to seek treatment for her injured and broken leg. She was only reminded of the pain in her right leg when Jacob suddenly mentioned it.

So, Elaine hurriedly said to Claire, “My good daughter, bring your mom to see the doctor now! I do not want to end up with any disability!”

After going to the emergency ward and seeing the doctor, Elaine had an X-ray of her leg taken at the doctor’s request. After that, Claire asked nervously, “Doctor, how is my mother’s situation?”

Elaine was also afraid that something bad would happen to her, and she hurriedly asked, “Yes, doctor. What is the result of the examination? Will I end up being a cripple?”

The doctor told Elaine, “Based on the X-ray, you have a comminuted fracture in your calf. Your condition is slightly more serious. However, if you take good care of your injury, then you will not end up being a cripple. I would suggest that you get a plaster cast first and then, you have to be kept under observation in the hospital for about half a month. That is the only way that we can guarantee your full recovery.”

Elaine was relieved when she heard that she would not become a cripple. However, she also got very anxious when she heard that she needed to be hospitalized. “Ahh? Why do I need to be hospitalized? Can I go home and rest after getting the plaster cast?”

Elaine could not help but feel very aggrieved when she thought about the fact that she had not even been able to live in the villa at Thompson First yet.

After suffering from two days of inhumane torture, all that Elaine could dream of was returning to the huge villa. She wanted to lie on her soft and big bed as she experienced the joy of living in Thompson First.

The doctor shook his head before he said, “The first two weeks after putting on the plaster cast is very important. It is related to your overall recovery. If you choose to go home now and if something goes wrong and we cannot deal with it in time, then it might end up being an incompletely cured illness.”

Elaine was very depressed when she heard this.

On the other hand, Jacob was filled with joy!

He knew that the fact that Elaine had suddenly returned was simply irreversible. However, if Elaine could be hospitalized, he would be able to relax for a few more days.

So, he deliberately said to Elaine, “Wife, you should listen to the doctor’s advice and stay in the hospital with a peace of mind so that you can avoid any lingering effect or sequelae in the future.”

Elaine frowned as she looked at Jacob. After that, she asked, “What? You don’t want me to go home, do you?”

Jacob hurriedly waved his hand, “I did not mean that.”

Elaine snorted coldly. At this time, she suddenly recalled something and hurriedly asked Charlie, “Don’t you know the genius doctor, Anthony Simmons? Ask him to come and treat my leg immediately!”

Charlie frowned as soon as he heard the tone of his mother-in-law’s command.

A shrewd woman like Elaine actually wanted Anthony to treat her leg?

Charlie sneered in his heart. After that, he replied indifferently, “The genius doctor, Dr. Simmons is not in Aurous Hill for the time being. He went to Eastcliff to treat a patient.”

As soon as she heard this, Elaine said, “Then, I can just wait for him to come back here, right?”

Charlie replied, “He might not be back for more than ten days.”

The doctor said, “No matter what it is, you will still have to put on the plaster cast today.”

Elaine replied immediately, “Okay! I will put on the plaster cast first, then I will go home and rest after that!”

When Jacob saw how persistent Elaine was, he knew that it was impossible for her to be hospitalized. He secretly thought to himself. He knew that he could only hide Matilda’s return momentarily but he would never be able to keep this news from her for a long time. If he asked her for a divorce after she found out that Matilda was already back, Jacob knew that Elaine would never agree to it.

If that was the case, it would be best for him to go home and find an opportunity to ask her for a divorce tonight. It would be perfect if she would just agree to divorce him as soon as possible!


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