The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 931

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 931 – When Elaine saw Charlie, her heart was filled with hatred.

Elaine truly believed the police’s statements, and she really believed that Charlie did not deliberately keep a fake bank card. He was just a victim of the criminal organization.

However, all of her sufferings and disaster started all because of Charlie’s bank card. If it weren’t because of his bank card, she would not have to suffer so many grievances. Therefore, she naturally regarded Charlie as the biggest culprit in this entire situation.

It was completely impossible for her to have any good feelings toward Charlie at all at this time.

Elaine was utterly shocked when the police officer suddenly yelled at her.

Elaine could not help but feel very uncomfortable whenever she thought about the fact that the police officers would be watching her and keeping an eye on her in the future.

There was nothing else that she could do as she was the one who got herself in this situation after all.

Therefore, Elaine could only hold back the hatred and resentment that she felt for Charlie as she tried to calm herself down.

When the police officer saw that Elaine was acting honestly, the police officer asked Charlie, “Are you her son-in-law?”

Charlie nodded slightly as he said, “Yes, I am.”

The police officer replied, “Okay, then. Come over here and sign some documents to prove that you have already taken this person away with you.”

Charlie followed the police officer to sign a document before he asked him, “Officer, can we leave now?”

The police officer nodded slightly as he said, “Yes, you can go now.”

After that, Charlie told his mother-in-law, “Mom, we can leave now. I will bring you to the hospital.”

Elaine gritted her teeth angrily but she did not dare to scold Charlie or say anything bad to him in front of the police officer. She could only put on an act as she said, “Oh, my dear son-in-law, can you give me a hand? I cannot walk well on one leg.”

Charlie walked toward Elaine and he endured the horrible stench from her body as he helped her to stand up.

Elaine’s right leg was in a lot of pain and it hurt whenever she made the slightest movement. However, Elaine now was no longer the same Elaine that she was two days ago. The previous Elaine has not suffered any losses, injuries, or physical pain before. Elaine in the past had not been bullied or tortured by anyone. However, after enduring so many intensive beatings and after being tormented for the past two days, Elaine had a fairly strong pain tolerance now.

In her opinion, the pain of a broken leg was nothing compared to the pain and suffering that she had had to endure when she was being tortured at the detention center.

She could not help but think of a song lyric which stated that pain was nothing under the wind and rain…

As long as she was about to break free from the nightmare of being locked up and tortured at the detention center, it was worth it even if she had to break two legs to set herself free.

Charlie helped his mother-in-law to walk out of the detention center slowly. At this time, an old Jetta cab was waiting at the entrance of the detention center. It was the same cab that Charlie arrived in. Charlie quickly said to Elaine, “Mom, let’s get in the car.”

Elaine was very depressed when she saw this old and rundown taxi!

She had already suffered so many grievances and she was finally being released from the detention center. She should at least be picked up from the detention center in a good car, right?

At the very least, her husband should be driving his BMW 5 Series here to pick her up!

What did she get in the end? Her husband’s BMW was nowhere to be seen and she could only sit in a broken rental car!

Elaine was extremely angry and annoyed. She wanted to scold Jacob and she wanted to scold Charlie even more!

What made Elaine feel even more uncomfortable was the fact that she could not lose her temper at Charlie even though she was very angry and upset at him!

She did not dare to scold Charlie because of the bank card and she did not dare to scold Charlie because of the old and rundown cab.

Elaine could only hold back her anger as she tried to keep it inside her heart. She felt so uncomfortable that she felt as though she was going to explode.

After that, a very depressed Elaine could only get into the old and rundown cab with Charlie’s help.

After getting into the cab, Charlie said to the cab driver, “Hello, sir! Please drive us to the emergency department of Sacred Heart Hospital.”


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