The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 918

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 918 – Jasmine glanced at Paul gratefully. “Okay then, I don’t want to be a bother either. Let’s get together sometime. See ya!”

Paul was indeed very high in IQ and EQ. He could see that Jasmine had fallen head over heels for Charlie, hence the favor. If so, he might as well be the gentleman here and help her.

Jasmine turned to Charlie and said, “Let’s go then, Master Wade!”

Charlie nodded with a polite smile. “Thanks for the lift.”

Jasmine smiled, her face blushing shyly. “You’re welcome, Master Wade.”


Jasmine gestured to her bodyguards to carry the flower baskets into Paul’s office. She pressed the elevator, reached out to block the door, and said, “Master Wade, after you!”

Charlie nodded slightly and stepped into the elevator, and Jasmine followed in.

When the elevator door closed, the faint and luxurious fragrance on Jasmine’s body slowly penetrated Charlie’s nostrils and tingled his sense of smell.

He must admit that Jasmine had a great and refined taste. The top notes of the perfume on her body were very light and lasted long. Not only did it make people feel very comfortable and refreshing, but it also did not smell cheap nor sharp and even made people addicted.

Standing next to her, Charlie was feeling rather restless and fickle.

It was undeniable that Jasmine was very beautiful with noble temperament. More importantly, she was very gentle and soft-spoken when she was with him and she didn’t carry even a bit of the arrogant rich lady’s vibe at all.

They exited the Gemdale Plaza and walked to Jasmine’s car. She opened the door of her Rolls-Royce and gestured for Charlie to sit in.

After getting in the car, Jasmine asked politely, “Master Wade, where are you heading to?”

Charlie smiled and answered, “Please send me back to Thompson First.”

Jasmine blinked in confusion. “Oh? Didn’t you say that you have some business to tend to? Why are you going home suddenly?”

Charlie’s smile retained as he said, “It’s still too early, I’ll go home and wait.”

Jasmine was still finding it a little peculiar, but she nodded slightly and said, “Okay, I’ll send you back then.”

Then, she mustered up the courage and asked tentatively, “Master Wade, may I know when you’ll be free? I would like to ask you to dinner…”

Charlie thought for a moment and answered, “Let’s take a rain check, shall we? I’m quite busy lately, especially today.”

He had already told Isaac his plans thoroughly. When Elaine was ready to be released, the detention center would specifically instruct her to call him and he would pick her up then.

He wanted to pick her up for a sole reason—he wanted to see with his own eyes how miserable she was now.

This woman, who dared to steal 21.9 billion, would not learn her lesson if she didn’t suffer.

21.9 billion!

If he didn’t show mercy to her and he was not afraid of exposing his identity, he didn’t mind reporting to the police directly regarding the theft. Elaine would be sentenced to at least a suspended d***h penalty for such a large amount of money involved.

She should count her blessings for being released after a few days of torment!


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