The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 916

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 916 – Another example of the overwhelming politeness was when a few people rushed to pay the same bill at the same time after dinner.

Everyone rushed to pay, but not all of them were sincere to pay. Their intention was simply to show their effort in being polite as if they would look immature if they didn’t.

Therefore, it was quite a common scene for a few people to gather around the cashier, arguing and insisting on paying.

Exhausted by such meaningless scenes, Charlie admired Paul’s wittiness and decisiveness. He stopped all the nonsense when Charlie stated that he was busy and saw him off. This was the wise way of communication between smart people.

Paul walked Charlie all the way out of his office and came to the elevator lobby. He took the liberty to press the button for Charlie. Then, they both looked at the digital indicator that showed an elevator coming up from the first floor and stopped on their floor.

Paul hurriedly gestured as soon as the elevator stopped, but before he managed to say anything, the door opened and a tall and slender woman in a tight suit and a body-hugging skirt suddenly appeared in the elevator.

The woman was very beautiful and charming, yet emitted the aura of glamor and sexiness. She was the pinnacle of all women that fluttered every man’s heart.

Paul blinked in bewilderment and exclaimed, “Why are you here, Miss Moore?”

The woman opened her mouth and was about to speak when she suddenly saw Charlie next to Paul. Instantly, her cool face was replaced by a cheerful grin as if bathed in spring breeze. She smiled like a happy little girl and said in surprise, “Why are you here, Master Wade?”

Jasmine did not expect to meet Charlie, the man she secretly admired, here. She could not hide her delightful giggle.

Charlie looked up and saw Jasmine standing inside the elevator along with several bodyguards, each holding a beautiful flower basket. He was equally surprised to see her here, and said with a smile, “I’m here to help my friend check out the Feng Shui in his office.”

Then, he realized that Paul had recognized Jasmine just now, so he assumed that they must know each other.

Jasmine smiled and said, “Oh, Master Wade, you know Paul too. I’m here because Grandpa asked me to send some flower baskets to congratulate Paul on the opening of his firm.”

Then, she realized that she hadn’t greeted Paul, so she said with a slight embarrassment, “Hello, Paul, long time no see.”

Paul was a smart man. Besides, as a lawyer, he mingled with a lot of suspects and criminals throughout his career years, so he developed a sharp ability in reading human expressions and interpreting information from it.

The FBI in the United States once issued a course that taught their participants in interpreting and deciphering facial expressions.

This was mainly to teach the case handlers to observe the minute changes in the suspects’ eyes and expressions, thus determining if they were lying.

It was a very high-end psychology course that was compulsory for every judicial officer.

Paul adapted the unique talent in this area thanks to his years of studying law back in the United States, his job as a lawyer, and also his upbringing under two parents who were also lawyers.

Hence, with just a glance from Jasmine’s expression when she looked at Charlie, he could tell that Jasmine liked Charlie.

While envying Charlie for his charisma that attracted the attention from a stunning beau as Jasmine, he couldn’t help lamenting at Charlie’s appeal that even the young mistress of the prominent Moore family had fallen deeply in love with him.

More importantly, Charlie was a married man! The young mistress of the Moore family liking a married man would be an explosive s*****l!


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