The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 904

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 904 – Greyson immediately replied in the group, “Oh, my wife passed away a long time ago, I guess Matilda and I share the same fate…”

One of the nosy friends said, “Hey, you and Matilda are a match made in heaven as always!”

Some of the people who accepted Greyson’s gift of money joined in the bandwagon. Someone even said, “Hey, Greyson, now that you and Matilda are widowed, you guys should be together! I remember how you fell head over heels in love with her. Come on, go for it! We send you our sincere blessings!”

Greyson laughed out loud and said, “Then I would like to express my gratitude to your support and blessings, but it’s all up to Matilda, I can’t force her.”

Then, he continued, “Besides, I’ve decided to return to Aurous Hill and start my business venture here regardless.”

“What? Why?” Someone in the group exclaimed, “Greyson, haven’t your family settled down in Hong Kong for many years already? Why have you suddenly decided to return to Aurous Hill?”

“Look at Matilda, she has decided to come back after living in the US for so many years, hasn’t she? It proves how wonderful and good Aurous Hill is. It’s the place where we’ve spent our youthful years sweating and crying! I’ve decided to go back to Aurous Hill to enjoy my retirement!”

Jacob could not hold back anymore. He sent a message to the group, saying, “Greyson, I advise you to give up on your plan. Matilda didn’t like you then and she doesn’t like you now. Stop embarrassing yourself!”

Frankly, Jacob was feeling very nervous and cowardly right now.

Greyson was now a successful Hong Kong businessman with a net worth of hundreds of millions, he was much more superior than him in many ways.

He, on the other hand, hadn’t had a good life all these years. It was a world of difference compared with his high-spirited self in college.

Moreover, he was still considered a married man since he and Elaine had not yet divorced, while Greyson was now widowed!

Matilda, who was also widowed, was a good match for him since they were both literally single.

Therefore, he was at a disadvantage in all aspects.

He hadn’t met Matilda for so many years. Hence, he couldn’t figure out what she was thinking right now. What if she fell in love with Greyson when she saw him at the reunion later?

Greyson smirked at Jacob’s response and said, “Yo, I thought that our dear president of the student council was busy grabbing the money in the group. He’s finally speaking!”

Jacob blushed sheepishly. Gifts blinded the eyes—he had just grabbed several two hundred dollars of the cash rewards in the group and the public humiliation was an embarrassment to him.

He was anxious because he didn’t have two p*****s to rub together.

Jacob had been living an indigent life for most of his life since Elaine was generally in charge of managing the family money and expenses. His underprivileged life had forced him to develop a habit of grabbing the free money reward in WeChat. He could be happy for a long time if he could grab the five or eight dollar reward on a usual day.

When Greyson was giving away cash rewards in the group, Jacob was quick to grab them all without even bothering to see who was so generous to have done so. He was extremely thrilled when each of the cash rewards was worth two hundred dollars, but it was too late for him to realize that the money was from his rival in love and had eventually become a subject for ridicule.

He paid too dearly for his whistle.

Since Jacob did not respond to his sarcasm, Greyson continued teasing him, “Hey, Mr. President, enough with your power control already. We’ve graduated for decades now, do you think you can still order me around?”

Jacob bit the bullet and replied, “No, I’m not ordering you, but persuading you for your own good instead.”

“Haha! For my own good? Are you literally asking me not to return to Aurous Hill to settle down and be company with everyone for my own good? I think it is you who can’t forget Matilda after so many years and are afraid that I’ll be your rival in love if I go back to Aurous Hill!”


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