The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 899

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 899 – Jacob dressed up as though he was someone who had just returned from abroad, looking very handsome and stylish today.

This time, Jacob and Matilda had a tacit understanding with one another. Jacob did not bring Charlie along with him and Matilda did not bring her son, Paul with her.

Jacob personally drove his BMW 5 Series all the way to Shangri-La to pick Matilda up so that they could go and visit their alma mater together.

Matilda wore a long gray woolen coat and she looked very classy and elegant today. Jacob was overwhelmed and extremely fascinated when he saw Matilda standing at the entrance of Shangri-La.

He hurriedly got out of his car to open the car door for Matilda. At this time, he could not help but exclaim, “Matilda, you’re dressed so beautifully today!”

Matilda smiled slightly before she said, “I’m already an old person now so how can I possibly be that beautiful anyway? I decided to tidy myself up and dress up a little nicer today because we’re going back to visit our alma mater today. I don’t want to bring shame to my alma mater!”

After that, Matilda continued speaking, “Besides that, we’ll also be having a class reunion with our old classmates today.”

“Oh, that’s right!” Jacob tapped his forehead gently before he said, “Just look at my memory. I was so excited about accompanying you to visit our alma mater that I’ve completely forgotten about our class reunion. By the way, have we already decided on the location of our class reunion? If we haven’t, I can ask my son-in-law to help us to book a place.”

Matilda hurriedly replied, “We’ve already decided on the location. I asked Paul to make all the necessary arrangements for me tonight. He told me that he has already booked a place for us at this place called Glorious Club.”

Jacob was very surprised and he said, “Glorious Club? The requirements that they set for their members are very high. Did Paul manage to get a membership at the club as soon as he arrived in Aurous Hill?”

Matilda smiled as she said, “I don’t know all the details. I only know that he told me that our law firm has a long standing cooperation and relationship with the parent company of Glorious Club. They have entrusted all of their overseas legal affairs to our law firm.”

Jacob was a little shocked!

The parent company of Glorious Club was owned by the famous Moore family in Aurous Hill. Jacob really did not expect Matilda’s family to have a partnership and working relationship with the Moore family!

He was originally planning to ask his son-in-law, Charlie, to help him to arrange for his class reunion to be held at Glorious Club. That way, he could pretend to be really cool in front of Matilda.

However, he really did not expect Matilda’s son to have already sorted everything out for her. This was really very impressive.

At this time, Jacob hurriedly made an inviting gesture as he said, “Come, Matilda. Please get into the car.”

Matilda quickly thanked Jacob before she gracefully sat in the co-driver seat of Jacob’s BMW 5 Series.

As he was driving to the Aurous Hill University, Jacob suddenly asked, “You haven’t been back here for more than twenty years, right?”

Matilda replied, “I’ve been back to China a couple of times. I visited Southaven and I never came back to Aurous Hill at all.”

Jacob hurriedly asked, “Is it because of that incident that happened that year? Is that the reason why you did not want to come back to Aurous Hill?”

Matilda replied seriously, “Well, that incident is part of the reason. I don’t want to come back and face or relive those memories again. On the other hand, I don’t have any relatives in Aurous Hill and I’ve already lost contact with all of our old classmates. That’s the reason why I did not come back to Aurous Hill.”


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