The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 891

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 891 – Elaine never would have expected to endure a beating and pay the price for the consequences of her actions because of the incident relating to Matilda after more than twenty years had already passed by.

She initially thought that she would be able to convince Gena to take her side. She never would have expected Lady Wilson to subvert all of her efforts just by bringing up this matter. Instead, she was plunging into an endless abyss at this time.

The few women who came up to beat her violently have all experienced a tragic history of a third party intervening in their marriage and relationship. Therefore, when they were hitting and kicking her, they brought all of their old hatred into this matter and they did not show any mercy towards Elaine at all.

Elaine was in so much pain that she felt as though she was d***g after she was getting beaten up again. Elaine felt as though she was going into shock a couple of times but she was woken up twice when the other inmates began to kick and hit her.

After the group of people were done beating Elaine up, Lady Wilson said, “I think that we should take this shameless woman into the toilet just so she won’t upset us any further!”

“Yes!” One of the inmates rushed forward before she replied coldly, “The old lady is right! We should just throw her into the toilet!”

After that, the inmate told the woman standing next to her, “Come! Each of us should just grab one of her legs and drag her directly into the toilet.”

“Okay!” The other party immediately nodded in agreement. After that, the both of them grabbed hold of each of Elaine’s legs before they dragged her into the toilet.

Wendy also hurriedly followed behind them. When she saw that the other two women had already thrown Elaine into the toilet, Wendy took her washbasin and filled it up with water before pouring the basin full of water directly over Elaine’s body. Wendy sneered before she said, “Elaine, you should just stop dreaming. What were you hoping to achieve today? Do you really think that someone like you will be able to go against Grandma?”

Elaine was immediately awakened by the basin of cold water and she started trembling violently as she was filled with regrets in her heart.

She should not have said those words in front of Gena and she should not have tried to arouse Gena’s sympathy towards her.

If she did not try to accuse Lady Wilson just now, she would not have ended up in this miserable state.

What Elaine regretted the most was that she should not have stolen her son-in-law Charlie’s bank card at all! She never would have dreamt that Charlie would turn out to be a big international scammer!

If she did not steal his bank card, then Charlie would have been the one to end up getting locked up and tortured in the detention center sooner or later. All of this happened because she could not control herself. That was the reason why she had to suffer this kind of inhumane torture right now.

She was really filled with regrets.

That night, Elaine sat in a corner of the toilet as she hugged her legs and struggled to make it till dawn.

Elaine developed a very high fever in the middle of the night and her whole body was weak.

What was even more important was the fact that she had not eaten anything at all for the past forty-eight hours!

When the other inmates came into the toilet to wash up in the morning, Elaine was so weak that she did not even have the strength to lift her eyelids.

Someone in the cell went out to collect their breakfast for the whole entire cell. It seemed as though breakfast was the same porridge and steamed bun as it was the day before.

When Gena and the other inmates were enjoying their breakfast, Gena realized that Elaine did not come out of the toilet. Therefore, she instructed one of the inmates, “Go in and see if that shameless woman is d**d. If she isn’t d**d, drag her out here.”

The inmate went into the toilet and she saw that Elaine was shivering as she curled up at a corner of the toilet. She stepped forward and grabbed hold of Elaine’s hair before she started dragging her out of the toilet.”

When Elaine was dragged out of the toilet, Gena was already halfway through Elaine’s lunchbox.

Gena had finished all of her steamed buns and she deliberately left behind about one-third of the porridge in the lunchbox. At this time, Gena looked at Elaine before she said playfully, “You haven’t eaten anything for two days and nights now. I think you must be hungry?”


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