The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 877

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 877 – Matilda’s body stiffened instantly when Jacob came forward and suddenly hugged her from the back.

She had always been hoping from the depths of her heart throughout the past twenty over years for Jacob to hug her tightly in his arms.

After all, this was the only man that she had ever loved in her life.

At this time, her first love from more than twenty years ago was hugging her tightly in his arms. As his hands were clasped tightly around her belly, Matilda felt as though she had already regained the feelings that she had from more than twenty years ago.

Matilda’s true feelings suddenly surged deep in her heart and she could not stop herself from placing her hand on his hand gently.

However, as soon as she placed her hand on Jacob’s hand, she suddenly realized that it was really wrong for her to do this.

She quickly broke away from Jacob’s embrace as she straightened out her hair in a panic. After that, she said unnaturally, “Jacob, we shouldn’t be doing this. You’re still a married man after all. I can’t let Elaine down like this!”

Jacob was very anxious and he blurted out immediately, “She was the one who betrayed your trust and let you down in the first place! When we were both still together, Elaine knew that both of us had a very good relationship. She knew very well that I was your boyfriend but she did not even think twice when she took advantage of me when I was drunk. If she had not been so shameless, both of us would still be together right now!”

Matilda sighed slightly before she said, “Although everything was indeed her fault in the past, I was the one who chose to let you go. Since I’ve already chosen to let go and give you to Elaine, then I shouldn’t be betraying her like this. I shouldn’t do anything to hurt her and let her down. This is a matter of principle. Otherwise, wouldn’t I be the exact same kind of person that she was?”

Jacob said anxiously, “That woman ruined our relationship and she destroyed the happiness that we could both have shared. Do you really need to think about principles when it comes to someone as despicable as her?”

Matilda replied seriously, “In fact, after the incident that happened back then, I knew very well and I understood that Elaine was the one who had been secretly planning for all of this to happen. I know that she’s a villain but I can’t stoop down to her level and become a villain just because I was hurt by one in the past.”

After that, Matilda looked at Jacob with a serious expression on her face before she said, “Jacob, no matter what it is, you’re still Elaine’s husband after all. I can meet up with you and eat with you like ordinary friends and classmates do but it isn’t possible for us to start a relationship or anything of that sort…”

Tears started flowing down Jacob’s cheeks involuntarily. He looked at Matilda before he choked and said, “Does it mean that it is completely impossible for both of us to be together in this lifetime? We’ve finally met up with one another again after so many years. Don’t you want to try to make up for the time that we have missed out on each other? Don’t you have any regrets at all?”

Matilda had a very pained expression on her face before she sighed and said, “Of course I want that. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have decided to leave the United States and come back to Aurous Hill instead. However, I feel that a gentleman should take the right approach when it comes to money and love. The two of us might have a chance to be together again after you and Elaine are divorced.”

Jacob blurted out without any hesitation at all, “Then I will divorce her immediately!”

Matilda replied seriously, “Jacob, please do not get me wrong. I’m not saying that we’d both necessarily end up together if you divorce Elaine.”

Jacob asked nervously, “Matilda, what do you mean then? I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Don’t you want to be together with me?”

Matilda replied sincerely, “Jacob, we haven’t seen each other for so many years. How can we decide to get back together so suddenly? This isn’t a trivial matter.”

After that, Matilda continued speaking with a serious expression on her face, “We were still students who were still studying in school when we first fell in love. We studied and socialized with our classmates every day. We had never lived or spent time alone together. Now that we’re older, falling in love is a completely different feeling. This is especially so at our age. We shouldn’t only be considering our own feelings, but we should also be considering our children’s feelings and what they would think of our relationship.”


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