The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 858

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 858 – Matilda asserted, “Wow, I didn’t expect that you still remembered all of it. Frankly, I don’t even remember some of the dishes myself.”

Then, she sighed and continued, “Actually, the Southaven cuisine is delicious too, but, I don’t know why, ever since I attended college here, I prefer Aurous cuisine more.”

Jacob said with a regretful smile, “I still remember that you always said that you wanted to make a few Southaven dishes for me to try, it’s a pity…”

He sighed and quickly asked, “Oh yes, by the way, Matilda, what do you think about going to my house to cook dinner? To be honest, I’ve been waiting for so many years, I hope that my dream can come true someday!”

Matilda was touched by his remark and uttered, “I’m okay, but I don’t know if Paul is available tonight.”

Then, she turned to Paul and asked, “Son, do you have any plans tonight? If not, how about we go to Uncle Wilson’s house for dinner later? I would love to meet his daughter too.”

Paul nodded graciously. “No problem! Let’s go then.”

Jacob grinned triumphantly! He blurted, “The deal is sealed then! Matilda, what do you want to cook tonight?”

Matilda smiled shyly, “Oh dear, I can’t think of any right now…”

Later, she gaped slightly as if she thought of something and said, “Why don’t we add each other on WeChat? When I figure out the menu, I’ll message you, then I have to trouble you to buy the ingredients for me at the market. Oh, by the way, send me your home address too, I’ll be there with Paul at around 5.30.”

Thrilled, Jacob took out his phone, opened the scan function on WeChat, and said, “Come, Matilda, I’ll scan your contact.”

They had not been in contact for over two decades. Matilda even had to ask an old friend for Jacob’s number, so they were not friends on WeChat.

In this era, the existence of WeChat was much more important than phone numbers.

Your phone number was widely available everywhere. The delivery men, the insurance agents, even the telemarketers, and scammers had your number, but only your good friends or someone you knew were in your WeChat contact list.

Therefore, being each other’s WeChat friends was a form of modern-day intimacy symbol.

What’s more, when you were WeChat friends, you could see the other party’s homepage, including their pictures, videos, and the bits and pieces of their life.

If a person had feelings for another person, he would be eager to want to take a look at his or her page.

Jacob and Matilda shared the same thoughts at this moment.

Seeing the elders’ interaction, Paul took out his phone too and politely said, “Charlie, why don’t we add each other on WeChat and exchange our contact details too?”

In truth, Charlie didn’t like adding strangers to his WeChat, but since Paul had asked him, it would be impolite to refuse him. Thus, he turned on his phone and said, “Okay, I’ll scan your contact then.”

After that, Paul asked curiously, “Charlie, what do you do for a living?”

Charlie smiled slightly. “Oh, I am, what they say, a househusband. My usual job scopes include cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and cooking.”

Paul was a little stunned upon the remark, but instead of disdain or contempt, he donned a generous smile and replied, “Wow, it is very leisurely and relaxing, to be honest. I’m jealous of you!”


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