The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 841

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 841 – Loreen could feel Charlie’s gentleness when he wiped the tears off her face. At the same time, she could not help but feel that her heart was in extreme pain as she listened to his firm and emotional love confession for Claire.

At this time, Loreen said in a hoarse voice, “Charlie, if Claire really loves you, I will never do anything to bother or interfere in your relationship at all. However, you know very well that the only reason why Claire is together with you is simply because of the promise that she made to her grandfather. Do you really think that things will work out if you are the only person putting effort into this relationship? Why don’t you just let her go and think for yourself for once in your life?”

After she was done speaking, Loreen sobbed as she asked, “In what ways am I inferior to Claire? Tell me so that I can improve myself and try to catch up with her. Please do not reject me just like that. Why won’t you give me a chance?”

Charlie shook his head slightly before he said, “Loreen, sometimes you do not understand a man’s mindset. The reason why you fell in love with me was because I was kind to you. This is also the reason why I fell in love with Claire. She was kind to me and this is enough reason for me to choose to stay by her side to love and protect her. As for whether she truly loves me or not, I am not in a hurry to figure it out. I still have a long time to understand, explore, and change myself bit by bit so that I can figure out if Claire is in love with me. It is the same way with you. Although I have already told you repeatedly that I am a married man and I have no interest in any other woman other than Claire, you are still confessing your feelings to me, time and time again.”

Loreen understood what Charlie was trying to say.

The way that Charlie was treating Claire was exactly the same way as she was treating Charlie.

Loreen came to a sudden realization because of Charlie’s words.

At the same time, she could not help but feel a little uncomfortable after the enlightenment.

Just as Charlie was unwilling to give up on Claire no matter what it was, Loreen was also unwilling to give up on Charlie.

Loreen wiped the tears off her eyes before she looked at Charlie and said stubbornly, “Since you do not want to give up on Claire, I am also unwilling to give up on you. Since you can wait patiently for Claire to love you, I can also wait for you! It does not matter how long I have to wait for you because I am willing to wait for you even if I have to wait forever!”

Charlie could only sigh as he said, “Alright, then. Since you have already decided, I will respect your decision.”

After that, Charlie checked the time on his watch before he said, “It is already getting late. You should go back to your bedroom and rest.”

Loreen nodded slightly before she said, “You can go back to your bedroom first. I want to sit here for a short while.”

Charlie nodded before he turned around and walked up the stairs.

After Charlie left, Loreen was filled with mixed feelings and emotions as she sat on the sofa.

She felt grievances, unwillingness, sadness, and obsession. All sorts of emotions emerged in her mind, and she could not help but feel a little entangled.

Loreen felt that Charlie might possibly be the only man that she would ever love wholeheartedly in this life. If she could not end up together with him, she would never be able to meet another man who made her feel so excited and alive.

Loreen could not help but feel a little sad when she thought about the fact that she might never be able to get the man that she loved the most in this world.

Was she really destined to miss out on Charlie in this life?

No, she did not believe it!

She believed that the reason why Charlie came to her side and saved her from danger twice was all fated! She would not end or give up on her future with him so hastily.

She would definitely be able to get a happy and perfect ending for herself, as long as she stuck to her plans with a sincere heart.

If she continued to persevere and persist, she would definitely have victory!

When Charlie opened the bedroom door, he saw Claire standing alone on the balcony on the second floor.

Her perfect figure looked hazy and enchanting under the moonlight, and Charlie could feel his heart beating frantically.

It was true that Claire was a very filial and loyal person. However, it was also because of her strong determination and perseverance that she refused to divorce him no matter what it was.

She was not only foolish and extremely loyal to Elaine, but she was also very foolish and loyal to him.

That year, Lord Wilson had passed away shortly after both of them had gotten married.

At that time, the entire Wilson family was persuading Claire to divorce him.

After all, the reason why Claire married him in the first place was because of Lord Wilson’s arrangements. After his d***h, everyone quickly opposed their marriage.

Everyone persuaded her to divorce him because they were all hoping that she could marry a rich young master of a wealthy and powerful family instead so that they could change the entire fate of the Wilson family.

However, since Claire was already married to Charlie, she was content with the man she had married and would be faithful to him regardless of the circumstances that they faced. If Charlie did not ask for a divorce, she would never divorce him. This was her loyalty to her marriage, and her loyalty to her legal husband.


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