The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 835

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 835 – Jacob would never have dreamt that he would receive another phone call from Matilda in this lifetime.

What was more unexpected was the fact that Matilda was going to return to China!

Matilda went to the United States immediately after they graduated from college. After that, she continued living in the United States after she was done with her studies. None of their old classmates had seen her again ever since that day. It has already been more than twenty years since then.

However, although he had not seen each other for more than twenty years, Jacob could not help but feel his heart getting stirred up as soon as he heard her voice.

Therefore, he hurriedly asked, “Matilda, you…are you really coming back to Aurous Hill? When will you be coming back?”

Matilda smiled before she said, “I will be getting on the plane soon. If everything goes smoothly, I will arrive at Aurous Hill by eleven o’clock in the morning. We should be able to have dinner together with all of our old classmates the day after tomorrow if everything goes smoothly!”

Jacob was extremely excited. After that, he said, “Oh, you will already be back in Aurous Hill tomorrow? Tomorrow? Where will you be living then?”

Matilda replied, “My son has already booked us a room at Shangri-La for the next few days. We will have to stay at Shangri-La for a short period of time while we look around and see if there is a suitable house for us to buy in Aurous Hill.”

Jacob asked tentatively, “Then…will your husband be coming back here with you?”

“No.” Matilda replied in a sad voice, “My husband has already passed away. That is the main reason why my son and I decided to go to China instead. We do not want to continue staying in this place that is filled with grief and sad memories.”

Jacob felt that his heart was bursting with joy!

He hurriedly blurted out, “Then…would you like to have a meal with me after you land tomorrow? I will come and pick you up and both of us can finally catch up!”

Matilda hesitated for a moment before she said, “Oh, if Elaine finds out about this, she will not allow you to eat alone with me, right?”

Jacob felt like laughing out loud when he heard Matilda’s words.


She was missing!

Hahaha! She had just disappeared and Matilda was coming back to Aurous Hill. Was this a gift from G*d?

Jacob got up from his seat before he walked back and forth in front of the barbeque stall as he could not hold back his excitement. “Don’t worry. Elaine and I are also facing some problems in our relationship now. Both of us are already separated. Therefore, she will not interfere in my private affairs now.”

Matilda asked in surprise, “Why are the two of you separated?”

“Oh…” Jacob sighed as he said, “It is a complicated and long story…”

After that, Jacob hurriedly said, “Matilda, I will come and pick you up from the airport at noon tomorrow, okay? Aren’t you staying at Shangri-La? Then, why don’t we enjoy a meal together at Shangri-La?”

Matilda thought for a moment before she said, “Um…my son will also be with me. Wouldn’t that be a little inappropriate?”

“That is fine!” Jacob hurriedly said, “I can bring my son-in-law with me tomorrow. My son-in-law should be about the same age as your son. Both of them can have a chat while we catch up ourselves!”

“Okay, then.” Matilda smiled before she said, “Then, we will meet at the airport tomorrow. Don’t forget to write a sign tomorrow. I am afraid that we will not be able to recognize one another since we have not seen each other for more than twenty years now!”

Jacob replied excitedly, “Okay! Okay! I will write a sign tomorrow.”

Matilda said, “Jacob, I won’t bother you any further. I have to board the plane soon and my flight will be more than twelve hours. I will arrive in Aurous Hill after ten o’clock in the morning tomorrow.”

“Okay!” Jacob laughed as he replied, “I will see you at the airport tomorrow!”

Jacob could not help but jump around in excitement after hanging up the phone. He was so excited that he looked like a fifteen or sixteen years old boy.

Charlie found it very amusing and hurriedly asked, “Dad, is your first love coming back?”


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