The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 834

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 834 – “How could I explain myself?” Jacob replied, “No matter how much I tried to explain the situation, it was a fact that something had happened between Elaine and myself. Matilda is obsessed with cleanliness. She wanted her life to be clean, and she also wanted her relationship to be clean and pure. She knew that Elaine was the one who got me drunk and planned for everything to turn out like this. However, Matilda felt as though she could no longer accept someone like me. Therefore, she broke up with me without any hesitation at all and she went to the United States.”

Charlie deliberately asked, “Then, do you still have thoughts of her?”

Jacob opened up his heart as he replied, “How could I possibly not think of her? She was the first woman that I ever had in my life, and she was the only woman that I have ever loved. Otherwise, I would not have changed the password to unlock my cell phone to her birth date…”

Charlie nodded slightly before he asked, “Then, have you inquired about her current situation?”

“I have been inquiring and asking around.” Jacob continued speaking, “But I cannot find out much information about her. In the past few years, I only heard that she got married to an American and gave birth to a son. I heard that their family is doing very well, but I have no further detailed information about her. After all, my old classmates did not contact her much throughout the years. After a short while, everyone lost contact with her completely.”

Charlie nodded as he thought to himself, ‘If Matilda found out that Jacob has already become like this now, she probably would not feel the same way about him anymore.’

When Jacob saw that Charlie had not drank at all, he said with some dissatisfaction, “My good son-in-law, why aren’t you drinking with me? How can you let me drink alone?”

Charlie smiled before he picked up his glass and said, “Come, let’s drink together!”

After he was done speaking, Jacob’s cell phone suddenly started ringing.

He could not help but frowned when he saw the unfamiliar phone number on his cell phone. “Well, who can be calling me so late at night?”

After that, he subconsciously answered the phone call.

A woman’s gentle voice sounded from the other end of the line and she asked tentatively, “Excuse me, is this Jacob Wilson?”

Jacob was a little taken aback and he asked nervously, “You…you are…”

The other party smiled slightly before she said, “It’s Matilda. Matilda Marks.”

Jacob was in shock!

He was stunned for a moment before he regained his senses. After that, he asked excitedly, “Matilda? Is it really you?”

“Yes, it’s me.” The other party smiled before she said, “Why? Did my voice get so much older that you cannot recognize it anymore? I feel that your voice did not change at all.”

Jacob panicked before he said, “I…you…the both of us have not been in contact for so many years. Why did you suddenly think of contacting me? I…I was just talking to my son-in-law about you…”

“Really?” The other party hurriedly asked, “Why would you talk to your son-in-law about me? Are you telling your son-in-law about all the things that are already ancient history now?”

“No, no I am not,” Jacob was very nervous and he quickly replied. “I am drinking with my son-in-law now and I just got a little emotional. So, I was just talking to him about you.”

As he spoke, Jacob asked, “Matilda…why did you contact me?”

Matilda smiled slightly before she said, “My son and I have decided to return to China to settle down there instead. That is why I decided to contact you and some of our old classmates. I want to treat all of you to a meal when I return to Aurous Hill. After all, we have not met up with one another for a long time…”


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