The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 821

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 821 – Gena’s remark immediately aroused the anger of the people around her! They started to cheer with righteous indignation!

Although everyone was a prisoner, the people here generally had not committed serious crimes nor were they wicked people. They had an instinctive sympathy towards the old and weak.

When they looked at Lady Wilson with her grayish hair and wrinkled face talking about her pathetic life in the sobbing tone, they couldn’t help but believe her words.

Hence, everyone started condemning the ‘perpetrators’ in unison.

“How dare they abandon such an old mother? They are nothing but a bunch of scumbags!”

“You’re right! They get to live in a multi million-dollar villa but they can’t even spare an empty room for the old lady. They are so disgusting!”

“Ma’am, don’t worry, karma’s a b***h and it will haunt your damned daughter-in-law soon!”

Tears drenched Lady Wilson’s face. “Thank you for your concern and support, thank you so much! I didn’t expect to meet so many good people here!”

Gena sighed and said, “Ma’am, frankly speaking, when I see you, I think of my poor mother who died after drinking pesticide. It’s not easy for the elderly! Their lives become harder when they have a wicked daughter-in-law!”

Lady Wilson nodded and sobbed. “I will be detained for fifteen days. I don’t know what to do if they release me fifteen days later, I don’t have a place to go and I might be prosecuted after a few months.”

“Ma’am, in my opinion, you might as well stay here in the detention center. At least we have three meals on time every day and you have a roof above your head. Don’t you think that it’s so much better than living on the street outside?”

A tinge of disappointment and distress built up inside Lady Wilson upon the remark.

Was this her ending? Did she rather stay in the detention center for the sake of food in her mouth and a roof above her head?

‘No!’ she yelled inside her, ‘No way! No! I’m still the head of the Wilson family, if I am reduced to spending the rest of my elderly life in p****n, it is an utter humiliation and insult to the glory and honor I have earned in my life! No, I don’t want it! I must find a way to rise up again!’


At this moment, a police car stopped at the entrance of the detention center.

Two officers walked into the detention center clutching a woman with disheveled hair between them.

The woman was Elaine.

She was being dragged by the officers, wearing icy-cold handcuffs.

Along the way, she had already cried her tears dry and her throat hoarse. She never imagined that a simple act of stealing Charlie’s card would turn her into a prisoner with a serious offense.

From what she gathered from the officers, she was now facing indefinite custody and detention. They would only file a case and submit a prosecution when the entire link of transnational crimes link had been investigated and other suspects were arrested.

After the initiation of the public prosecution, the court would begin the trial. It was highly based on how much evidence they were able to obtain to decide how many years she would be sentenced to.

Elaine frantically asked about how long she would be sentenced if she was found guilty of the crime.

The officer told her that the attempt to defraud the bank with 21.9 billion dollars was arguably the largest fraud case in decades. The nature of the crime was extremely bad that even though the transfer was not successful, it was likely to be a life imprisonment sentence.

Moreover, if they managed to arrest the accomplices and unearthed more evidence, a d***h sentence was highly likely.

Elaine nearly pissed her pants. She hated Charlie so much now. She wanted to call her daughter right away and asked her to divorce the vile scumbag right now!


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