The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 820

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 820 – The three detention centers in Aurous Police Station served their respective purpose. One was for detaining male suspects and one was for female suspects, while the other was for juvenile suspects.

After the four members of the Wilson were arrested, they were sent to two detention centers, with Lady Wilson and Wendy sent to the women’s detention center while Christopher and Harold were sent to the men’s detention center.

Lady Wilson felt itchy and tingling when she first entered the cell. She sat on the thin bed, recalling her recent tragic happenings.

This period of time was the greatest and most devastating catastrophe for Lady Wilson and the Wilson family. All her hard work and assets had been confiscated by the court, her own son refused to let her live in the Thompson First villa, and he had even called the police to arrest her! She was getting more and more irritated as she thought about it.

Sitting cross-legged on the bed, she slapped the bed in despair and wailed loudly, “Argh, what did I do wrong? My family is bankrupt, my son doesn’t want to support me, and he has even joined forces with his wife to get me arrested! The ungrateful b*****d son! Did he want me to just d*e here?!”

Sitting aside, Wendy was also frustrated and sad. “Grandma, Uncle Jacob has never behaved like this before. He used to always obey you and had never dared to resist your order. Why is he so cruel now…”

Lady Wilson snorted angrily, “It must be Elaine, the wicked vixen! She has been up to no good ever since she married your uncle! If it’s not because of her, your uncle would have agreed to let us move into the villa!”

She wiped her cloudy tears and cried, “Oh my g*d, how bad my life is. When I d*e and meet your Grandpa at the other end of the rainbow bridge, he must be so devastated if he knows how my daughter-in-law has tortured me to d***h…”

The grandmother and granddaughter hugged each other and cried their hearts out.

Due to Lady Wilson’s old age, fellow inmates surrounded them curiously as they rarely saw such an old lady be detained in the detention center.

Among them was a tall and buff woman who was declared as the boss of the cell since she was here for three months. She walked up to her and asked, “Hey, old lady, is your daughter-in-law such a bad person? Did she put you in here? What happened?”

“Yes, what is going on? Tell us!”

When someone started with the question, the rest of the inmates gathered in front of Lady Wilson and asked curiously.

They were a group of ladies who loved gossip, especially gossip about family affairs and such, so they leaned forward with their ears up to hear the rest of the stories.

Lady Wilson was huffing and puffing in agitation as she felt the wrath building up inside her.

She started crying again, “Argh, I am so miserable and sad! My good-for-nothing daughter-in-law and her useless son-in-law constantly trick us! We used to be one of the most prominent families in Aurous Hill, but they’ve tricked us and put us in deep s**t. They’ve dragged our family into bankruptcy and our debts are as high as the mountains that even our house was confiscated by the bank.”

The beefy woman said coldly, “How could there be such bad people?”

Lady Wilson flushed with anger. “Yes, they are so bad, so bad!”

“My grandchildren and I were kicked out from our house. We’re homeless, but they bought a million-dollar Thompson First villa!”

“We have no place to go, but the family of four gets to sleep in a dozen bedrooms!”

“I thought that they wouldn’t bear to see me sleep on the street since they’re my son and daughter-in-law, right? So I went to them, but who would’ve known that they’d actually beat me up, scold me, and kick me out of the house! Not only that, they even called the police, saying that I was trespassing and causing a scene, and that’s why the police arrested us!”

The beefy woman clenched her fists tightly and said, “I, Gena Hill, hate b******s who disrespected old people the most in my life! If it weren’t for my sister-in-law, my mom would not have committed s*****e by drinking pesticide! I was put into j**l for ten months because I punched the b****y woman to d***h after my mom died!”

The woman by the name of Gena had the wrath of fury burning in her eyes. She gritted her teeth and said, “Don’t cry, old lady. If I have a chance to meet your daughter-in-law, I’ll punch her to d***h for you!”


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