The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 812

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 812 – ‘Yes, I am Elaine. My e*******n style is like a tornado, wherever I go, I don’t leave anything behind!’

Gripping the card tight in her hand, she walked into the bank, thrilled and determined.

A young and enthusiastic young man approached her as soon as she walked in, “Hello, how may I help you? Let me get you a number.”

Elaine waved the black card in her hand and said eagerly, “I would like to make a transfer!”

The young woman was bewildered when she saw the card!

All Citibank staff had undergone professional training before they started work. In one of the training classes, there was a section dedicated to explaining about the black card!

The black card was Citibank’s most exclusive card. It was limited to one hundred cards in the world and there were only five in the country!

Everyone owning the black card was Citibank’s super VIP customer that could enjoy a personalized treatment with utmost respect and hospitality by the top executives of any branch!

The young staff had never expected that the legendary black card would appear in a second-tier city like Aurous Hill!

She hurried forward, bowed respectfully, and said, “Dear distinguished guest, please follow me to the VIP reception room! I will ask our bank manager to personally handle your business!”

Upon the mention of a distinguished guest, she immediately felt the tremendous thrill of successfully fooling the bank staff. She held her head high and laughed pompously, “Hurry up and bring me there! If you are lacking in any way, I’ll let your bank manager fire you!”

The young staff jumped in panic and said, “I’m sorry, this way please!”

She led Elaine to the VIP reception room and asked the service staff to pour Elaine a glass of water. Then, she sprinted to the bank manager’s office and barged into it without knocking on the door, and urged, “Manager! Manager! There is a VIP in our bank!”

The manager frowned in dismay and chided, annoyed by the fact that his staff had come into his office without knocking, “Hey, watch your attitude! Why are you so panicked? If our customers see you like this, they will think that our staff is very unprofessional!”

The young staff tried to catch her breath as she said, “Manager, there is a VIP with the black card waiting in the VIP room! She’s here to perform some transactions!”

The manager immediately raised to his feet, his eyes widened and his breathing short and anxious. He blurted out in shock, “What? Say it again!”

“There is a black card VIP here! She’s waiting in the VIP room! Come quick!”

“Oh my g*d!” The manager felt dizzy and unreal. “A black card VIP? Are you sure that it’s the black card? There are only five of them in the country and I’ve never even seen the real thing!”

“I’m positively certain!” The young staff said sternly, “I’ve studied about the black card during the on-the-job training, I’m absolutely sure it is the black card!”

The manager hurriedly straightened his tie and spruced himself up, and rushed towards the VIP room.

The customer with the black card was the VIP among the VIPs. Anyone who owned the card was a super-rich person with a net worth of hundreds of billions!

Rumors had it that the five black cards were issued to the top families in the country. He wondered which family was the distinguished VIP from. Was it the Wade family, the Banks family of Eastcliff, or the other three families?!

The manager sprinted to the VIP room, stopped behind the door to catch his breath, gently knocked, and went into the room. There he saw Elaine sitting on the sofa like a menacing empress, her leg crossed and a triumphant grin on her face.

Elaine couldn’t wipe the ear-to-ear grin off her face when she thought of becoming a super-rich woman with 21.9 billion dollars, she was so excited she almost wet herself.

From the first impression, the manager could not predict Elaine’s background but he recognized the black card in her hand, so he marched forward and greeted graciously, “Hello, our honorable VIP guest. I am Dorian Lee, the manager of this branch. You can call me Lee.”

Elaine nodded arrogantly and said, “Hey, Lee, good that you’re here. I want to make a transfer, but your s****y ATM only allows me to transfer a million dollars a day! What the f**k? I have twenty billion in my account, how long do you think it will take me if I can only transfer one million a day? I will d*e in front of your ATM before I finish the transfer!”

Lee bowed apologetically and said, “Yes, I’m sorry. To put it bluntly, the ATM is for the ordinary people for their mediocre usage. If you think about it, it is just a boxy machine with limited capacity and we can’t put in so much cash to match your status as a VIP with a black card! Am I right?”

Then, he hurriedly complimented, “For a supreme VIP like you, as long as you show us the black card at any Citibank branch, you will enjoy the most exclusive VIP treatment with us, the managers, serving you personally. We can’t let you, our honorable customer, perform the transaction using an ATM!”


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