The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 81

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 81 – Raymond was dumbstruck!

He never would have imagined, not even in his wildest dreams, that the vase would transform into a more precious treasure after being restored by a few eggs!

He pointed to Charlie Wade and said, “Miss, this is the man who fixed the vase…”

As Jasmine glanced at Charlie Wade, she couldn’t help but wonder how such a young man would know the long-forgotten cultural relic restoration technique!

Despite her doubt, she managed a polite smile and asked, “Hi, I am Jasmine Moore. How should I address you? May I know from whom you have learned the relic restoration technique?”

Jacob Wilson, who was still shivering at the side, was dumbfounded when

he heard Jasmine Moore’s name!

The Moore family!

The Moore family was the most elite family in Aurouss Hilll! Their influence was not comparable to those of Eastcliff’s elite families, but in Aurouss Hilll, they were at the top of the pyramid where no one could ever reach!

He didn’t expect that he would meet one of their family members here!

Meanwhile, Charlie Wade had a lukewarm reaction towards Jasmine’s status. The Moore family was powerful, but their net worth was valued at hundreds of billions. They paled in comparison to the Wade family with their net worth of a trillion dollars.

He said flatly, “My name is Charlie Wade Wade and I don’t have any masters. You can say that I’m self-taught.”

Then, he continued, “I have repaired the Yuchunhu vase that my father-in- law broke, Please appraise it for its specific value on your side and let us know if we still need to compensate for it.”

Jasmine shook her head with a smile. “After the restoration, this vase has far exceeded its original value. So, it’s the other way around—we owe you instead.”

Charlie Wade smiled faintly. “It’s my pleasure. Since we’ve resolved the matter, we shall get going, then.”

Jasmine’s eyes shifted mischievously, not wanting Charlie Wade to leave so soon. She said with a smile, “Sir, your name skips my mind. May I know how I should address you? Could you leave a contact number so we can keep in touch in the future?”

She retrieved her own card and said as she handed it over. “This is my

card, you can call me at the number above.”

Charlie Wade nodded as he accepted the card. “My name is Charlie Wade Wade but I don’t have a name card.”

“It’s okay,” Jasmine said, “Could you please leave me your phone number, then?”

Charlie Wade eyed her cautiously. He felt that it would be good for him to have his own connections. Besides, this lady, Jasmine Moore, looked very polite and humble, unlike an arrogant and dominating person. It would bring no harm if he made friends with her.

Hence, he exchanged phone numbers with her.

After the exchange, Jasmine said, “Mr. Wade, would you like me to send you home?”

Charlie Wade waved his hand and said, “Thanks but no thanks, I came here by car.”

Jasmine nodded. “I’ll see you off then!”

Jasmine escorted Charlie Wade and Jacob Wilson to the BMW 530. She watched them drive away before heading back to Vintage Deluxe.

On their way home, Jacob Wilson asked curiously, “Charlie Wade, where did

you learn the craft of cultural relic restoration?”

The content of the Apocalyptic Book was running through Charlie Wade’s mind like violent waves. Of course, he couldn’t tell his father-in-law that he had found the magical and mysterious book inside the broken vase. He needed time to slowly digest all the amazing content in the book. In fact, he couldn’t tell anyone about it.

So, he simply blurted a lie. “I learned it from the cleaner at the orphanage.”

Jacob Wilson nodded. “Thank g*d you were there, or else, I may be in p****n now…”

Then, he quickly said as if a thought suddenly struck his mind, “Oh yeah! Don’t tell Claire Wilson Wilson and your mother-in-law about this, do you understand?”