The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 801

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 801 – At this time, at the villa at Thompson First, Elaine was lying on the deck chair on the all-glass balcony on the second floor and she was grinning from ear to ear as she stared at her cell phone.

There were more than three hundred likes on her pictures right now and this has already broken her records.

She could not even keep count of all the comments and after a short while, she could not even reply to all of the comments anymore.

Today, Elaine finally understood what it felt like to have everyone’s attention on her.

Her entire circle of friends were all staring and keeping track of her! Moreover, they did not hesitate to praise her in the comments. Therefore, Elaine really felt very relaxed and happy.

At this time, some of Elaine’s closest friends started sending her some messages in their group chat: “Oh, Sister Elaine moved into the villa at Thompson First today! She will have to buy us dinner!”

“Exactly!” Some of the other people started replying: “Sister Elaine, you’ve just moved into a villa that is worth more than one hundred and thirty million dollars! This is such a big and happy event. So, how could you not treat us to dinner tonight?”

After a short while, everyone in the group chat has already spoken up as they were waiting for Elaine to agree to buy them dinner.

Elaine could only feel very depressed as she looked at their text messages.

Buy them a meal? Where would she possibly find the money to do so?

Even though she was living in a villa that was worth more than one hundred and thirty million dollars, she did not even have one thousand dollars right now!

At this time, someone said, “Sister Elaine, this is such a big occasion. You should buy us dinner at Shangri-La Hotel tonight!”

Another sister replied, “If Sister Elaine is going to buy us dinner tonight, then I will take everyone to a high-end spa in the evening! We are going to have a good time together!”

“I will invite everyone to the KTV bar to have fun and sing some songs tonight, then!”

“Should I bring everyone to enjoy a nice foot massage after we are done singing?”

“Since all of you have already arranged so many programs, I can only bring everyone out to the bar later at night!”

Everyone continued planning and arranging their itinerary for the night in the group chat. At this time, one of the sisters said, “Sister Elaine, why don’t you say something? Everyone is waiting for you to agree with the plans today!”

When Elaine saw that all of her friends have already lined up a list of programs for the night, she really wanted to go out and enjoy the night out with her sisters.

After all, she had been feeling very depressed during this period of time. She really wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to go out and relax a little.

However, all of them were asking her to buy them dinner. How could she possibly buy them dinner when she had no money at all?

As she thought about this, Elaine could only make up an excuse as she said, “Oh, sisters! I am so sorry but since we just moved into the villa today, there are still a lot of things that I have to clean up and unpack! I might not have any spare time to go out today!”

“Oh!” Someone replied, “Sister Elaine, you have already moved into the villa so you can unpack and clean up slowly! Today is the day that you should be hosting a housewarming party. If you miss this opportunity, then there might not be such an auspicious day anymore!”

Elaine felt really tempted.

However, money was a big issue!

Jacob has already returned all of the family’s remaining money back to Charlie. Therefore, she could only go to Charlie and ask him to give her the tens of thousands of dollars!

At this time, Elaine replied to her friend, “Okay, wait for me. I will go and confirm the timing with my family first. I will reply to all of you later.”

Her friend replied, “Okay, Sister Elaine! It is half past one in the afternoon now. Make sure that you give us an answer before three o’clock in the afternoon so that we can make all the necessary arrangements!”

“Okay!” Elaine hurriedly agreed. After that, she quickly got up to look for Charlie.

At this time, Charlie was cooking in the kitchen downstairs.


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