The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 774

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 774 – Claire hurriedly asked Charlie where his two million dollars had come from.

Charlie replied, “From looking at Feng Shui.”

Claire was very surprised and she asked, “What? You made two million dollars from looking at Feng Shui? Isn’t this a little too outrageous?”

Charlie replied, “Wasn’t it even more outrageous for the White family to have given me a villa?”

Claire was completely speechless because she could not refute his words.

At this time, Charlie said, “My dear wife, I know you’re worried but you can rest assured. The rich man whom I helped with his Feng Shui matters was able to resolve a big business problem and crisis that he was facing. I had also indirectly helped him earn tens of millions of dollars. Therefore, I think that it is more than reasonable for me to receive two million dollars from him.”

Claire finally felt a little relieved and she asked, “Did you give Dad all of the two million dollars?”

Charlie nodded slightly before he said, “Yes, I gave it all to him.”

Claire replied anxiously, “I’m just worried that my mother will be thinking about how she can get her hands on the money! She’ll definitely be up to no good then!”

Charlie smiled before he said, “It’s okay. We can go to the furniture shop tomorrow and spend the two million dollars to buy our furniture. When the time comes, we won’t have to worry about your mother anymore.”


At this time, at the Wilson family villa, Lady Wilson was holding a bank collection slip from the Agricultural Bank and she had a very ugly expression on her face.

They owed the Agricultural Bank more than ten million dollars and according to the requirements of the bank, they had to repay ten percent of the money that they owed every year. This amounted to more than one million dollars.

The Wilson family was in deep s**t and they had already run out of money. It seemed as though more and more debt collectors were showing up at their front door.

In fact, the one million dollars that they had to repay the Agricultural Bank was still considered a small amount. They still had to look for a way to raise more than twenty million dollars to repay the Merchants Business Bank.

Christopher was also very worried at this time. He could not help but asked the old lady, “Mom, it seems as though we are really in a very bad position right now. Why don’t we sell all of our mahogany furniture in our house to raise some money? I think we should be able to raise at least one million dollars to repay the Agricultural Bank for the time being. After that, we can slowly come up with other solutions then.”

“Sell our furniture? All you can come up with is to sell our furniture?”

Lady Wilson reprimanded Christopher in an angry manner, “All these furniture was left behind by your father! Won’t you feel any regrets or sorrow at all if you sell these furniture?”

Christopher replied helplessly, “What else can we do? If you refuse to sell these furniture, then the hurdle in front of us will simply be too overwhelming!”

At this time, Lady Wilson suddenly picked up a teacup and threw it at Christopher’s feet.

The teacup smashed into pieces and Christopher was so shocked that he jumped to the side immediately.

Lady Wilson glared angrily at Christopher before she gritted her teeth and said, “I’d already asked you to give me the money a long time ago! I told you to give me all of our family’s money! But what did you do? You did not trust me and you actually handed all of our money over to that shrew woman, Hannah! Look what happened in the end? Hannah ran away with all of our money! Are you satisfied now? Are you happy now?”

Christopher could not help but feel very upset and uncomfortable whenever anyone mentioned Hannah or whenever he thought about her.

That woman was a really good liar!

She had been putting on such a good act for the past twenty years. She had always acted as though she loved him and her children so much, and as though she was very responsible towards her own family.

Christopher would never have dreamed that she would run away with all of their family’s money when the Wilson family was facing their most difficult moments!

This incident really dealt a huge blow to Christopher and he was seriously hurt by her actions.

He desperately wanted to find Hannah so that he could tear her apart!

However, he did not have the opportunity to do so at all.

He had already asked some people to help him inquire and look around for any clues about her whereabouts but no one had any information on Hannah at all.

It seemed as though Hannah had already completely disappeared from the face of this world.

When he saw the angry look on the old lady’s face, he had no choice but to persuade her, “You’re right, Mom. You are always right but our biggest problem right now is that we really need a huge sum of money to help us to tide over this emergency. I think that we really have no choice but to sell some of the furniture and antiques that my father has left behind for us to raise some money to save our own lives!”


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