The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 773

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 773 – Elaine gritted her teeth angrily because of Jacob as she opened up his mobile banking app. She was already ready to login to his mobile banking app to transfer the two million dollars that Charlie had given him over to herself.

As soon as the mobile banking app asked for a login password, Elaine entered Matilda’s birthday as the password and she managed to log in immediately!

At this time, Jacob had $2,027,232.15 left in his bank account.

Among this was the two million dollars that Charlie had just transferred over to him and the twenty thousand dollars that Charlie had given him to treat his friends to dinner before this. Jacob still had the twenty thousand dollars because he did not spend any money that night.

The remaining seven thousand dollars was Jacob’s own private savings!

Elaine immediately clicked on the funds transfer option before she entered her own bank account information and she filled in $2,027,232.14 in the column for the transfer amount. She decided to leave Jacob one cent to teach him a lesson for offending her!

After entering all the transfer information and checking that there was no mistake, Elaine sneered as she clicked the approve button to transfer the money over to herself immediately.

At this time, a dialog box suddenly popped up: “Please enter the payment verification password.”

Elaine had entered Matilda’s birth date as the password again but this time, she did not succeed!

The mobile banking app immediately showed another dialog box: “The password that you have entered is incorrect. You have two more attempts today!”

“D**n it!” Elaine gritted her teeth as she started cursing, “That old dog actually knows how to set a completely different password to allow for any bank transfers!”

As she cursed, Elaine quickly thought to herself about the kind of payment password that Jacob would actually set.

Since the password to unlock his phone and log into his mobile banking app were both Matilda’s birthday, then she supposed that the password for the payment verification would also be somehow related to Matilda.

However, Elaine could not think of any other details at this time!

She thought of a combination of Matilda’s room number and her bed number at that time, but the system prompted an error again. Besides that, the system also prompted a warning that she only had one last chance to enter the correct password today. Otherwise, Jacob’s mobile banking app would be locked.

Elaine did not dare to try again.

If she made a mistake, Jacob would no longer be able to log into his mobile banking app. At that time, Jacob would find out what she was trying to do.

As she thought about this, Elaine could only grit her teeth as she gave up and placed Jacob’s cell phone back on the bed.

At this time, Elaine could only grit her teeth bitterly because she really hated Jacob to the core. She was even tempted to find someone to deal with him so that she could put him in his own place for still thinking about that shrewd woman!

About ten minutes later, Jacob changed into a clean set of clothing before he walked out of the bathroom. He was even humming a song as he came out of the bathroom.

Elaine had already left the bedroom and she was sitting in the living room as she pretended to be watching television. Jacob quickly returned to their bedroom before he hurried to his bed to check on his cell phone.

There were no changes to the location of the cell phone but the strand of hair on the cell phone was already missing.

It seemed as though that woman was really secretly trying to unlock his cell phone!

Furthermore, she would only have one purpose to unlock his cell phone—money!

Fortunately, he was smart enough to change his payment verification password in advance. Otherwise, if he had been one step slower, Elaine would have taken the two million dollars away from him!

Jacob could not help but feel very grateful at this time. It seemed as though he had been right to be more cautious and careful. He had set Matilda’s birthday as the password to unlock his cell phone and to log into his mobile banking app. As for the payment verification password, he set it as the date he and Matilda had first tasted the forbidden fruit together.

The only two people who knew of this date were none other than Matilda and himself. Therefore, Jacob was not worried that Elaine would guess his password correctly.

Moreover, it has been officially proven that Elaine could not guess his password.

If Elaine were to find out about the story behind the password, she would definitely be so angry that she could take a cleaver and chop Jacob up on the spot!

Elaine had a very worried expression on her face throughout the entire afternoon.

She has been thinking about how she could deal with Jacob and take the two million dollars from him. However, she did not make any substantial progress in her planning even after much deliberation.

Later that evening, Charlie had already finished preparing dinner just as Claire returned home.

As soon as Claire came home, Jacob told her that he would like for them to make a trip to the furniture shop together the next morning.


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