The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 766

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 766 – “Oh?! A very wealthy client?” Elaine asked in surprise.

“Yes, we have an appointment at noon.”

“That’s awesome!” Elaine shrieked in glee and said, “Hurry and go! Make more money while you’re at it, it’s best if you can earn enough for the furniture and appliances purchase!”

“Hmm, I’ll see what I can do.”

In truth, Charlie already had the plan sorted out. He planned to take out two million from his card to buy the furniture and claim that it was from the feng shui job.

He didn’t want his wife to live in this dilapidated house anymore. Besides, their room was only a wall’s gap from Elaine’s, they even had to share a bathroom. It was getting quite annoying and irritating now.

If they moved to the villa, they would occupy one floor while Jacob and Elaine stayed on a different floor. That way, they could reduce the chances of bumping into each other and the friction along the way.

Therefore, he bluffed about the feng shui job, but his plan was to go to the bank after lunch with Lord Moore to apply for a new card, transfer two million into the account, and pass the card to either Claire or Jacob.

In short, he would definitely not give the card to Elaine, the inconsiderate spender. It was possible that if she was the one getting the money, she would immediately go to the beauty salon and spend two hundred thousand for her facial and spa treatment.

At 11 am, as soon as Jasmine arrived at the entrance of Charlie’s apartment block, she called Charlie.

When Charlie got downstairs, she opened the door for him and said, “Master Wade, grandpa is already waiting for you at Heaven Springs, let’s go and meet him there.”

“Okay.” Charlie nodded with a warm smile. “Thank you for the lift.”

Jasmine blushed timidly. “It’s my pleasure.”

Charlie smiled and said nothing.


Meanwhile, at Heaven Springs.

Lord Moore walked into the entrance accompanied by two bodyguards.

He didn’t invite any family member to the lunch get-together with Charlie today except for his bodyguards and Jasmine.

Don Albert quickly approached Lord Moore and greeted him warmly, “Hello, Mr. Moore, I’m so sorry for not being here in time to greet you. I was at the Diamond Suite supervising my staff for the lunch arrangement.”

Lord Moore gaped in astonishment when he saw Don Albert.

Don Albert looked so much younger than he did at yesterday’s banquet!

Could it be that he had also received Master Wade’s Rejuvenating Pill?!

Lord Moore stuttered in surprise, “Don Albert… you… did you also receive the special favor from Master Wade?!”

Don Albert nodded. He marched forward to hold Lord Moore’s arm and said in a low voice, “Mr. Moore, actually, something happened yesterday. The Webb family sent a few guys here last night, they injured a dozen of my guards and almost k****d me. Luckily, Master Wade was here in time to save me and give me the Rejuvenating Pill. Otherwise, I would be in a vegetative state even if I survived!”

Lord Moore was taken aback. “What? What happened? Why didn’t I hear anything about it?”

“After the banquet yesterday, Master Wade told me that his father-in-law reserved a suite here, so I immediately came here after the banquet to tend to him. Who knew that the Lloyds would barge into the restaurant with Donald Webb’s five bodyguards! They almost k****d me! They even wanted to k**l Master Wade’s father-in-law! But, their real target was Master Wade!”

“What?! D**n it!” Lord Moore was astounded by the fact. He didn’t know anything. Yesterday, he was immersed in the magical effects of the Rejuvenating Pill while the rest of the family bore their own thoughts. Jasmine was happy for her grandfather’s improved health while Theodore and Reuben were worried. No one cared about what happened outside the enormous mansion.

Lord Moore was extremely agitated when he heard that Donald was going after Master Wade. He turned to his bodyguard and said, “Quick, release the news that the Moore family has Master Wade’s back! If the Webb family dares to touch even a strand of his hair, we will fight to the end with them!”


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