The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 761

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 761 – The Webb family quickly released a new house rule:

‘TikTik app is strictly prohibited within the compound of the Webb family mansion and will be considered a violation of the house rule and be punished with severe punishment!’

Of course, the Webb family members adhered to the rule religiously because the video was a literal insult to their family. They wouldn’t want to watch it even if someone paid them to watch.

However, the servants found the house rule repulsive.

They were just working for the Webb family, they didn’t mind at all regarding the video that was transfixed in the app.

On the contrary, they loved watching the video as it was very thrilling and exciting!

This was mainly because the servants were subjected to a set of very strict and stern restrictions and regulations. There were many house rules that mainly controlled the servants which mostly would be punished physically or mentally once they violated the house rules.

Because of the inhumane house rules, the servants were working under extreme pressure. Hence, it was a delight when they saw someone scolding the Webb family in the worst imaginable ways on TikTok! It provided the best entertainment they could ever ask for!

When Donald and Sean were undergoing knee injury treatment, Kian stepped out of the treatment room because he couldn’t bear the sight of the b****y scene.

At this moment, he felt particularly conflicting and contradicting.

Before today, he was in the living h**l as he became the laughing joke of the country. The s**t-eating life was giving him enormous stress as well as the burden of his reputation.

It was exceptionally depressing and painful every time he regained his consciousness after eating s**t, and he had to endure it every hour of every day.

However, when he saw his father and brother with their broken legs, he somehow felt at ease and relaxed.

This was an odd but rather realistic feeling.

It was like, in the beginning, he was the only one walking on the streets n***d, and it was a nasty feeling to endure, but suddenly, there were two more n***d people on the streets which ease the tension and anxiety in him.

As he was feeling at ease, he wanted to have a drink or two.

The Webb family mansion occupied a huge compound like a palace of its own, consisting of living spaces, a medical facility, a gym, an entertainment and leisure space.

Kian left the treatment room and went to the bar.

As he walked past the servants-only latrine, suddenly, a familiar sound echoed from inside.

He leaned in slightly to listen carefully and was fuming abruptly!

Someone was watching the Lloyds’ video in the bathroom!

Coincidentally and unfortunately, it was the part where Mr. Lloyd and Marcus were mocking Kian about his s**t-eating habit!

Kian blew a gasket right there and then!

Didn’t it state in the house rule that TikTok was strictly prohibited in this household! Why was there still someone watching the video in this house?! The nerve he had!

Kian kicked at the door violently and saw a man in his 40s sitting on the toilet bowl with a phone in his hand. Kian recognized the man, he was one of the drivers!

Obviously, the man wouldn’t have thought that Young Master Kian would suddenly barge into the toilet. The Lloyds’ video was still playing on his phone.

Kian shouted angrily, “Hey you, how dare you watch that video in our house? I’m going to k**l you!”


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