The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 76

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 76 – Douglas said with a gentle laugh, “She has gone to the hair salon. Why?” Charlie Wade smirked. “Hair salon? Was that what she told you?”


“And you believe her?”

Douglas asked in a peculiar tone, “Charlie Wade, what are you trying to say? Just spill it out, stop beating around the bush.”

Charlie Wade gave a hum and started, “Alright. I saw Lily at the BMW showroom with a man named Jerome Hunt. They were cuddling and hugging, and she even called the man ‘dear’. I think she’s cheating on you.”

“No way!” Douglas blurted loudly. “Lily is not like that at all! Did you get the wrong person?”

Charlie Wade said firmly, “No, I didn’t. It was her.”

“No! I don’t believe it!” Douglas growled coldly, “Charlie Wade, we are good buddies but you can’t say bad things about my fiancée just because we’re close!”

“Douglas, wake up! Your fiancée is cheating on you with another man and that piece of c**p Jerome even promised to buy her a BMW X6. They’ve gone back to his house now and she’s going to break up with you tonight! As your old friend, I advise you to be prepared!”

Without waiting for Douglas’s response, Charlie Wade continued, “You’d better move that painting that I gave you first. Keep it somewhere safe, it will be the capital for you to start over. But if you still don’t buy what I’m saying, then my hands are tied.”

Douglas was stomping his feet anxiously. He muttered, “Charlie Wade, stop your nonsense! Lily is my fiancée. I know her, she’d never betray me!

I’ll kick your a*s if you badmouth her again!”

Charlie Wade frowned in dismay and said flatly, “Alright then. As your friend, I’ve already given you the heads-up that I should. I can’t do anything if you don’t believe me. Good luck!”

Charlie Wade ended the call right away.

He shook his head indignantly as he cursed to himself. “That fool, blinded by love! I should’ve recorded a video and sent it to him when I had the chance!”

At this moment, the manager of the BMW showroom knocked on the window and

asked, “Sir, how do you feel about the car? Do you like it?”

Charlie Wade nodded. “Yes, it’s very good, I’ll take this one. Get me a

new one from the warehouse.”

A wide grin was plastered on the manager’s face. “Yes, certainly! Please give me a minute, I’ll have someone drive the car out front.”

Soon, a black BMW 530 stopped at the entrance of the showroom, driven by a salesman. Charlie Wade retrieved his card, swiped and paid for the car, then folded his little scooter, stuffed it into the trunk, and drove away casually.

On his way back, his in-laws kept calling to ask when he would be back.

Charlie Wade found out that his in-laws were waiting outside the gate when he arrived home.

Excited and nervous grins appeared on their faces when they saw Charlie Wade drive back a BMW 530.

Jacob Wilson circled the car several times and sighed pleasantly, “Wow, it is a very nice car! Very nice indeed! Wow, I never would have dared imagine that I would ever drive a BMW in my life!”

Charlie Wade said with a smile, “Dad, maybe you can even drive a Rolls- Royce in the future, who knows?”

Jacob Wilson chuckled delightedly. “Well, my hope is on you and Claire Wilson Wilson!”

Elaine Ma was extremely happy too. Her eyes were becoming more gentle and kind when she looked at Charlie Wade.

Jacob Wilson hopped into the car and drove around the neighborhood. When he got back, he said, “It’s a very nice car and it’s very comfortable too, but the car is slightly too long for me to maneuver. Charlie Wade, be my driver in the afternoon. I have some business to attend to and also an appointment to see something.”

Charlie Wade nodded. “Alright, Dad.”

Elaine Ma added gleefully, “Be my driver too, and send me to have afternoon tea with my friends! I want to show them that I have someone to chauffeur me in a BMW!”

“Alright, Mom!”