The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 755

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 755 – On the balcony, Claire hugged Elaine tightly and cried, “Mom, please forgive dad, he is in a black mood right now. Give him some time, he will be okay after this. Please, come down, will you?”

Elaine climbed on the window and cried loudly, “Girl, don’t stop me, tonight will be the night I d*e! From now on, during the holidays, don’t forget to b**n some money for me, don’t be like Charlie who doesn’t do so to his d**d parents! His parents were so broke down there they had to come to him in his dream to remind him about it…”

Charlie’s face turned into an irritating shade of green when he heard it!

Elaine oh Elaine, you b****y woman, you still remembered the one hundred million dollar cheque that I received from Jasmine and accidentally gave you, it was so close!

Luckily you didn’t buy it and came back to pick a fight with me. If you managed to cash the one million dollar cheque, I bet you would be so pompous that you thought you were a goddess!

This incident indicated that you didn’t have the luck to be rich.

Hence, he quietly glimpsed at Jacob and whispered, ‘Oh, my dear father-in-law, please make up your mind this time and divorce the ruthless b***h already! I have all the money in the world to financially support you after the divorce, which is enough for you to live a comfortable life. Maybe you can meet a nice lady and start a new relationship!’

On the other hand, Claire was extremely devastated and cried, “Mom, why can’t you talk it through? Why must you k**l yourself for something like this? So what if you really divorce dad? Life goes on! Mom, come on!”

Elaine wailed loudly, “I dated your dad when I was still a naive young girl and was pregnant out of wedlock. Back then, all the people insulted and criticized me behind my back, but I stayed strong, I was neither mad nor whining, all I thought of was to marry your dad and live a good life. But who would have thought that after so many years of suffering and agony, your dad would divorce me…”

Then she screamed loudly, “What’s the point of staying alive then?! Just let me d*e!”

Her ear-piercing roar echoed in the apartment block that it was impossible for anyone to not hear it.

Shortly afterward, someone downstairs yelled, “Sister, don’t be so stupid, nothing is more important than being alive!”

“Yes, she’s right. My husband cheats on me but s*****e never crosses my mind!”

There were also some others who disagreed. “F**k, go and d*e elsewhere, will you?! Don’t d*e here, you’ll drag the housing prices of the entire block down, f**k!”

Elaine exploded at the remark and chided angrily, “M**********r, who is it who rambles nonsense! It’s up to me where I want to d*e. After I d*e, I will haunt you and your whole family forever! I’ll ruin your family and k**l them all! F*****g b******s!”

As soon as her voice resonated, there was a d**d silence…

No one would have thought that Elaine could be so cruel and disheartened verbally…

Since she didn’t get any response, she chided, “Hey, the f*****g dog who asked me to d*e elsewhere, why are you so quiet suddenly? I warn you, you won’t survive tonight! Your whole family will d*e a miserable d***h tonight! Your mom will be k****d in a car accident, your dad will be gnawed to d***h by a feral dog, your wife and kids will be k****d by lightning!”

The entire apartment block gasped in utter bewilderment…

What kind of a grudge she had against the unknown person that she had to say such a vengeful curse?!

At this moment, someone shouted in great dismay, “Hey, b***h, believe me, or not, I’ll go and k**l you myself right now!”

Elaine didn’t feel threatened at all, on the contrary, she shouted back, “Just come, you f*****g i***t! Do you think I’m scared? I don’t want to live anyway, I’ll just d*e with you then!”

“Hey, f****r, tell me your block and house number, I’ll go to your house with a knife and cut my wrist right in front of your door! I’ll cut right at my arteries and spray the blood all over your door! Then, I’ll hang myself there! I’ll haunt you forever!”

The person was as quiet as a church mouse after Elaine’s ferocious curse.

No one would dare to challenge a person as sadistic as Elaine. Who was she? She was someone who would win against a fight with a Rottweiler! No ordinary person could be her opponent!

Elaine snorted in contempt when the guy kept quiet.

‘D**n you, f*****g coward, I can curse you right at your front door for three weeks in a row with no repetition! What kind of life do you think I’ve lived for the past 40 years?!’


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