The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 754

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 754 – Moreover, Claire’s parents were at the age when they got each other for support as they grew old. They would not be happy if they divorced now.

More importantly, where would they stay after the divorce? Even though they had two houses now, she always felt that the villa was an unstable constant as it was a gift obtained from Charlie’s deception, the original owner might take it back someday.

So, what would happen then? Did she want her parents to leave the marriage with nothing?

Besides, she had just started her business venture. Thanks to Charlie and his friends’ support, her business was slowly going on track, but her company hadn’t earned any significant money yet and she didn’t have the money to buy a house for any of her parents as their retirement home. If they divorced now, the family would break apart.

So, she cleared her throat and pleaded in a sobbing tone, “Dad, Mom already apologized to you, let bygones be bygones, can you forgive her this time, please?” She quickly added, “We can still earn the money. My company is slowly getting on track now, I’m sure I can make more money in the future!”

Jacob huffed angrily, “This is not about the money, it’s about principle! Honesty! She took all our savings and handled it so absent-mindedly. She didn’t even say a word to us when she lost all of it! No, this is too much, I can’t forgive her!”

“Claire, think about it, she didn’t say anything after losing all the money, what if I have a f***l car accident like the other day and she doesn’t have the money needed to save my life? What happens then? What if the same thing happens to you or Charlie? What should I do?”

“The money is not only our savings but also the financial core of our family! Why do I want to keep this irresponsible woman in my house? It is better to cut ties with her so that she won’t harm us again in the future!”

Claire sighed, didn’t know what to say.

Her father was right, her mother was thoughtless and immature in handling the money.

But, at the end of the day, she was her mother!

Elaine was taken aback by Jacob’s decisive tone. She grabbed his leg as if her life depended on it, wailing and pleading, “Dear… dear… please don’t leave me! I can’t live without you! I’m very sorry, I’ve learned my lesson, please forgive me, please! If you don’t, I don’t want to live anymore! I might as well just d*e!”

Then, she released Jacob’s leg and ran to the balcony.

Shocked, Claire hurried to catch up.

They lived on the fifteenth floor, if her mother jumped from the balcony, she would d*e!

Jacob, on the other hand, simply looked at the absurd scene coldly and blurted, “Claire, leave her, let her jump, I don’t believe she will though! Your mom is the master in throwing tantrums and emotionally manipulating us, she is the top of the world!”

Elaine shouted, “Jacob Wilson, you want me d**d, don’t you? Okay, fine, I’ll jump down right now, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life!”

She opened the window, went to the balcony, and was about to crawl on the railing.

Claire quickly hugged her waist and cried, “Mom, what are you doing? Come down now, let us talk this through…”

Elaine wailed desperately, “There’s nothing to say! Your father is so coldhearted, he wants me d**d! I don’t want to live anymore!”


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