The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 752

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 752 – As he spoke, Jacob glared at Elaine before he said, “We placed the two million dollars in your custody. When the time comes, I will sue you and ask you for half of that money in court! You will be legally responsible for it if you cannot take the money out at that time!”

“You…” Elaine did not expect Jacob to be so heartless and cruel!

Was he going to divorce her and ask her to split their properties and assets between them? What was she going to do if he was going to sue her for the money?

She was already old and she had no money at all. How was she going to continue living if Jacob wanted to divorce her?

Elaine could not help but feel a little anxious and nervous as she thought about this.

She softened her voice immediately and she hurriedly said, “Oh, my dear husband, why are you so mad at me? Both of us have already endured so many difficulties and sufferings together for the past twenty years. Are you going to turn your back on me now?”

Jacob replied in a serious tone, “All I want is to know how much money there is left in the family’s savings. If you refuse to disclose it to me, then I will file for a divorce tomorrow!”

Jacob was already sick and tired of Elaine!

He has never felt any love or affection for Elaine, ever since they first got together!

He had always been in love with Matilda, the most beautiful girl in their school. Elaine had always been the third party in their relationship. In the past, Jacob has always ignored Elaine and this was the reason why she thought of this shameless trick. She got him drunk before she had an intimate relationship with him. After that, Elaine told Matilda about this matter and Matilda decided to break up with Jacob because she was so upset.

It was also Elaine’s good fortune that she became pregnant even though they only had s****l intercourse once. That was the reason why she could use the child in her belly as an excuse and trump card to force Jacob to marry her.

Jacob felt as though he had lost everything in the world and it hit him hard when he lost Matilda at that time. However, when he thought about the fact that Elaine was already pregnant with his child, he chose to marry Elaine for the sake of their child. He had a sad marriage life with no love at all for the past two decades.

Jacob has originally accepted and submitted to his fate. What could he gain by divorcing Elaine anyway? Therefore, he did not think about divorcing her.

However, he felt compelled to do so after meeting up with his old classmates during their last reunion.

Since Elaine was behaving so abnormally, irrationally, and unreasonably today, Jacob felt as though he had already given up on her completely. He could not wait to divorce her so that he could just get rid of this woman!

Elaine was panicking at this point.

She had been bullying Jacob for so many years because Jacob would never fight back and he would simply tolerate and put up with it all the time. However, Elaine could not help but feel anxious when she saw how resolute and tough he was today!

Even though Elaine was very unreasonable and demanding, she was just a paper tiger!

If she was yelling and someone slapped her, she would keep quiet immediately.

However, if the other party showed a little fear or appeared to be slightly intimidated, then she would immediately rush forward to bite the other party!

When Elaine saw Jacob losing his temper and getting angry, she was really scared.

At this time, Claire suddenly spoke up and said, “Mom, even though we agreed to leave our family’s finances and financial matters into your hands, both dad and I are qualified and we have the right to know and understand the current financial situation of the family. Since dad wants to see your bank balance, then you should just log into your banking app so that he can have a look at it!”

Elaine bit her lip and she felt as though she was on the verge of collapsing.

At this time, she tried to avoid Jacob’s gaze before she mustered up the courage to whisper, “The money…is all gone…”

“What are you saying?” Jacob exploded as he yelled, “The money’s all gone? How did you use up more than two million dollars?”


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