The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 749

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 749 – The reason why Jacob asked about the villa was that he wanted to help Charlie.

He knew all about his wife’s temperament lately and he felt as though Elaine was attacking Charlie more lately. Therefore, Jacob was afraid that Elaine would continue being sarcastic as she continued attacking Charlie.

In Jacob’s eyes, this son-in-law of his saved his life many times. Therefore, he treated Charlie as his precious son-in-law now.

As the saying goes, a son-in-law was also half a biological son. Jacob could not help but feel a little sorry towards his son-in-law when he saw Charlie getting scolded.

However, when Jacob suddenly talked about the villa, Elaine was also immediately distracted!

Elaine looked at Charlie before she blurted out, “Yeah, when will the renovation for the villa finally be completed? When can we move into the villa? After we move into the villa, I want to leave an empty room so that I can put an automated mahjong machine inside. After that, I can invite my friends over to play mahjong with me then!”

Did Charlie think to himself: Play mahjong? Do you have any more money to lose? You are going to be living in a large and luxurious villa worth more than one hundred million dollars, and you want to invite your friends over to play mahjong with you. However, you cannot even afford to lose two thousand dollars! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

Since Charlie could not say these words directly to his mother-in-law, he could only secretly mock her in his heart.

As he thought about this, Charlie did not bother to reply to his mother-in-law and he simply said, “I saw Mr. White earlier today. He said that the renovation for the villa is basically completed and only the furniture and appliances are missing now. If we want to move into the villa, we can look into buying some furniture and home appliances so that we can move into the villa.”

“Great!” Jacob was very happy and excited when he heard that they could move into the villa soon.

At this time, Elaine who was standing beside him was also very excited. She laughed before she said, “Okay! Okay! We are finally moving out of this broken old house!”

After she was done speaking, she suddenly regained her senses.

Buy furniture and appliances?

What the h**l?

Why wasn’t there any furniture or home appliances in the villa?

Charlie has already donated all her money to the Hope Foundation. Where was she going to find the money for them to buy any furniture or home appliances?

As she thought about this, the expression on Elaine’s face turned very ugly and she replied coldly, “This Mr. White is simply too much! He is giving us such an expensive villa but he is not providing us with any furniture or appliances at all? Furthermore, he is asking us to buy the furniture and appliances by ourselves? Why is he so petty?”

As soon as Claire heard her mother’s words, she said reluctantly, “Oh, mom! Why are you like this? He already gave us a villa that is worth more than one hundred million dollars. Why are you still dissatisfied and unhappy?”

Charlie immediately understood the desperate look on Elaine’s face.

His mother-in-law must be afraid that Jacob and Claire would find out that she has lost all of the family’s money!

Therefore, Charlie deliberately said, “Mom, what Mr. White gave us was the villa and not furniture and appliances. Besides that, furniture and appliances should be selected to the owner’s personal preferences. If Mr. White gave it to you and you do not like it, what are we going to do with all that furniture and appliances then?”

Elaine argued, “Why wouldn’t I like the furniture or appliances that he is going to give us? I will like anything as long as it is free!”

Jacob stepped in and said, “Oh, it’s okay! We can buy our furniture. We can go to the furniture shop to have a look tomorrow so that we can pick out and buy some of the furniture that we like. After all, it is not as though we do not have any money ourselves. We still have about two million dollars in our family savings account. It wouldn’t cost us more than one million dollars to buy some furniture and home appliances anyway.”

Elaine panicked and she blurted out, “Who says that we are buying any furniture? We are not buying it ourselves! Ask Mr. White buy some and give it to us!”

After she was done speaking, Elaine looked at Charlie with an annoyed expression on her face as she said, “You! Call Mr. White and ask him what the h**l is going on! If he gives us an empty villa without any furniture or appliances in it, it is as though he is giving us a car without any fuel in it! How are we going to drive the car? Ask him to fill the villa up with some furniture and appliances before we move into the villa!”

Charlie deliberately replied, “Mom, I am afraid that is impossible. It seems as though Mr. White is starting to regret giving me such an expensive villa. In the past two days, he even suggested changing his gift into a smaller and more secluded villa instead.”


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