The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 748

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 748 – As he spoke, Charlie said again, “So, don’t you think that it is completely impossible for the young lady of the Moore family to be interested in a useless person like me?”

Claire could not help but say, “But… but I feel that she really respects you! She even took the initiative to get off the car just to open the car door for you!”

Charlie snorted before he said, “The only reason why she respects me is simply that her grandfather truly believes in me. Her grandfather is already aging and getting older. Therefore, he is starting to believe in Feng Shui and fate more and more. Since he really trusts me, he naturally respects me. That is the reason why his granddaughter is also very polite and respectful toward me. If she neglects me, her grandfather will blame her for it. At that time, she will definitely be the unlucky one.”

Claire nodded gently.

It seemed as though there was nothing wrong with Charlie’s explanation.

Moreover, everything could be explained, and everything made sense.

As she thought about this, all the doubts in her heart were slowly dispelled.

In truth, Claire had been in a very bad mood today.

Even though she had spent the entire day shopping with Loreen, she had been very uninterested as she was worried about Charlie.

The main reason was simply that she felt that Jasmine was indeed interested in Charlie.

A woman had the strongest sixth sense!

She simply saw their interaction from a distance and yet, she could already tell that Jasmine was interested in Charlie.

Her guess was accurate!

Fortunately, Charlie was very witty and had reacted quickly! He immediately devalued himself before covering up the doubts in her heart.

Truth be told, Charlie knew all about Jasmine’s feelings and affection for him.

He was not a fool and he understood Jasmine’s feelings for him. Of course, he could tell that Jasmine was very interested in him and had a very strong affection for him.

However, he did not have any intentions of betraying Claire. Therefore, he had always pretended to be stupid and confused in front of Jasmine.

Since Jasmine was also a very graceful and introverted person, she did not take the initiative to express the feelings she had for him. This gave him space and opportunity to pretend to be confused.

At this time, Claire felt much more relieved and said, “You’d better not associate and spend so much time with those upper-class people in the future. When they believe in you, they will treat you with a lot of respect, but when they do not believe in you any longer, they will simply look down on you and despise you. If they really stop believing in you one day, they will surely try to destroy you. When that time comes, you will definitely suffer a huge loss.”

Charlie nodded hurriedly before he said seriously, “My dear wife, don’t worry. I will try to keep my distance from them in the future.”

Claire felt a little more relieved when she saw that he was being so sincere.

Just then, Charlie’s mother-in-law, Elaine, walked over to them with her cell phone in her hand before she said impatiently, “Charlie! Isn’t dinner ready yet? You’re always running out of the house every day without thinking about our family at all. You delay doing the grocery shopping and cooking dinner, and because of this, you keep your dad and me hungry for a long time!”

Charlie hurriedly replied, “Mom, something suddenly came up today, but you can rest assured that I will not delay grocery shopping and preparing dinner in the future.”

“You’d better remember what you just said!” Elaine snorted coldly with a hateful look on her face.

In truth, Elaine had been resentful toward Charlie ever since he had told Linda to donate all of her money away to charity the last time.

This was because out of the money that was donated, two million dollars belonged to Elaine, but now, she had lost it completely.

She did not have any more money now and thus, she could not go out and spend time with her friends anymore. Hence, she could only stay at home and sulk every day. This was the reason why she felt even more unpleasant when she saw Charlie.

At this time, Jacob walked over to them and suddenly asked, “By the way, Charlie, when will the villa at Thompson First be completed?”


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